DigitalBattle: Five Places Where Halo 3 Sucks

"According to some, Halo 3 is the biggest game launch in history, but it's by far the best game. Actually, Halo 3 might be one of the least innovative and "groundbreaking" games this holiday season. Although it might just be the best thing ever, if you have never, ever, played a first person shooter before. Here are five places where the game fails to live up to the massive hype Microsoft spent millions creating."

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toughNAME4087d ago

but I can give you 3.96 million reasons why it kicks ass

(as of...last tuesday)


"Halo 3 might be one of the least innovative and “groundbreaking” games this holiday season" know somethings wrong with the article when they say that..

bee24274087d ago

I agree that its a great game but what about it is innovative or groundbreaking, its the same game for the past 3 years with a little bit improved graphics (not much) and some different guns

jcgamer4087d ago

I don't know, but the ability to record and replay/watch myself playing through different parts of the single player campaign was pretty innovative to me...what's your favorite game?...would you like the ability to RECORD and re-watch your actions in your fave single-player game, besides racing game replays like GT? I'm pretty sure you would...

jay34087d ago

Also, Bee, the original Halo was one of the most "Innovative" (If that's the right word) games to come from the FPS genre. That whole "When screen goes red, find cover" thing in just about every FPS now? Came from Halo, among other things.

LeonSKennedy4Life4087d ago

Halo 1 wasn't innovative at ALL! It was basically Tribes. What was so different about it?

Halo 3's recording and playback/sharing isn't innovative. I've been doing that on Counter Strike for around three years or so. You guys are drunk!

How is Halo innovative???

toughNAME4087d ago

saved film feature in both Campaign and Multiplayer
The greatest matchmaking system out there...with the closest competitor being Halo 2
Map Editor
An amazing array of options, including being able to modify speed and gravity

Bar none - the greatest longevity compared to any game released to date.

Tell me another game that can do this?
Not multiple games...1 game

funkysolo4087d ago

Not to offend in real fans but I finish the game in 7 hours and the ending suck. I guess they were to busy adding features to the multiplayer that they just copy Halo1 ending. M$ must of payed for these 10/10 reveiws because after playing and beating Halo3 it's the worst game I have played all year long. The multiplayer is ok but there is to much lag for a service you pay $55 a year for. The graphics suck, I wasn't expecting graphics this bad from all the rumor, but the graphics are worst than people said they were. NEXTGEN far from it and the gameplay is just horrible, the only reason I finish it was just to make sure the whole game suck....Halo3 is garbage and there is going to be backlash for these game...640p even halo2 ran at 720p I guess it's true the 360 is only xbox1.5

Amp4087d ago

Remember driver for PS1? Still a great game, and you could FILM what you did, with your own camera placement during the scene. Directors mode, i think it was called.I havent played 3 yet, but can you choose where you want the camera at for recording your scene in single player? That would be awesome!

Vfor54086d ago

the only reason it lags is because you have a poor internet connection you douche. Halo 3 is good, halo 3 is bad, whatever. but don't blame the feel of the game on your cheap a$$ because you can't get a good isp.

DeadIIIRed4086d ago

Maybe for Halo it is, but we've been able to save replays on Madden for god knows how long. Not to mention other games like Stuntman and Driver 3.

@Vfor5: I could be wrong, if thats the case then I apologize, but doesn't Halo 3 use the same server methods they used for Halo 2? If thats the case then you could have the fastest connection imaginable, but with a slow host it counts for nothing.

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CyberSentinel4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

"5: You’re owned by kids in multiplayer
Log on to a multiplayer session of Halo 3 and you’ll find out that it’s pretty much like Halo 2, for better and worse. Even though it manages to deliver some fun matches, a ton of them are ruined by little boys who’s only accomplishment in life is to talk smack to people they just “owned” in Halo. But notice how they never smack talk (or yell) too loud, because mommy might hear them say the forbidden words, and that means no more Halo, which is of course worse than death for these kids."

#6: You Suck At Halo.

Stick with single player games lemming, where no one can "see" just how bad you suck.

@3: So do you. BTW lemming, NO UT in 07, DS3 delays again.

MADGameR4087d ago

if they'll make a Halo3sucks site like they did for Halo 2.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4087d ago

umm they said latest december 2007 for ut3 ps3. Get your facts right you fanboy.

jcgamer4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

cause I have...already finished the fight...maybe you could tell me specific places that you thought needed work...your avatar is an Unreal cover I'm assuming you like Epic...have you played Gears? cause I LOVE Gears...look at my avatar...Gears is my favorite over Halo point is hopefully you've played least the guys from DigitalBattle have...anyone who's played a game through and through has the right to problem with that...

WilliamRLBaker4087d ago

1."""It surely could have been better. Oh, and it runs in 640p, not 720p."" if this hadn't been known you would have said amazing, And the graphics are amazing lighting, water, and textures are amazing for a game so big.

2.the grunts have sounded like that since the first game...if you didn't have a problem before your having one now on the sole reason of its halo 3 and its so big and amazing, oh and not knowing they are grunts means you probly haven't even played the game.

3.AI is amazing enemies take cover, use grenades from cover, send in advanced units first...ect If you had a problem maybe its because your retarded and didn't know how to play.

4.nothing new in terms of storyline and directing...yet SPidy 3 and halo 3 sold multimillions.... hmmm it must not suck that much if it sold so much.

5. yes because no other game is like this right? no other game on the planet has kid players, yep no other game has smack talkers, racists, retards, and bastards. Nope halo 3 is the only place they go to...Which is funny because if this we're true halo 3 would have sold 50 million units by now, because TA DA children 12 and under still make up about 50-60% of the gamer population.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4087d ago

I believe for #3 he meant your allies sucked.

the storyline and graphics could have been a bit better, BUT overall I agree with you.

WilliamRLBaker4087d ago

but i still dont agree, I had no problem with my allies AI, I think i only killed one ally throughout the time I played legendary the first night, and that was my error because, I hadn't learnt how to use my equipment yet, So i dropped a tripmine infront of their warthog.

funkysolo4087d ago

Face it man, Halo3 Sucks. Halo3 has some of the worst A.I. to date on a game. I'm glad master chief is dead 117. Halo2 ran at 720p and Halo3 can't even run at 720p. Perfect dark Zero a launch game that was release 2 years ago has better graphics than Halo3...It's funny how you xbots try to justify the graphics, gameplay right well Halo3 gameplay sucks azzzzz. This is the worst game I have played this year. Gears of war stumps this game in every catergory. It's ashame how reveiwer misled the public into buying this crap...Halo3 is crap plain and simple....10/10 only if it release 17 years ago...

Mwaan4086d ago

Did you really type that? Seriously? Why don't you take a moment to think about what you said? As far as I'm concerned, AI will never ever be perfect. But I can honestly say, Halo 3 has some of the most impressive AI I've ever seen in a game to date. Try playing the game on Legendary and then tell me how stupid the enemies are. But that's the problem, most of you already hated Halo 3 before it even came out and will never play through the game and form an unbiased opinion. I'm aggravated everytime I click on the comments section of this site. You're all sheep. And I don't understand your undying loyalty to a specific brand. I really don't. If I put a gun to your head and said play xbox 360, I really think you would tell me to pull the trigger...

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Monchichi0254087d ago

Because Halo 3 def. kicks ass!!! There is a reason it is so beloved and sell MILLIONS!!!! But with success comes all the dumb people trying to bring you down.

It is not innovative because it's not supposed to be!!! Why change what is already perfect??? Can you imagine the Backlash from Halo fans if they did try to make changes?!

LeonSKennedy4Life4087d ago

Put Master Cheif and Kratos in the same room. See which one comes out alive...

BA = not MC

jay34087d ago

....Master Chief has guns and explosives. Kratos has big ass knives. Ever heard the phrase "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight"?

darx4086d ago

they are video game characters. What a tool!