Shockblast Media: WWE All Stars First Look and Demo Impressions

From "THQ has released a demo today for the upcoming WWE All Stars video game, an over-the-top, arcade style fighting game featuring some of the WWE’s best wrestlers of today and some of the legends of yesteryear. Being the big WWE fan that I am, the game was obviously on my radar, and with the demo out today, I just had to check it out. I’ve been kind of on the fence with this one, as fighting games are generally not my thing, but after just one match in demo mode, I think I just might be sold."

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fuzion17c2679d ago

Why isn't Alberto Del Rio or Dolph Ziggler in this game? Hope they're released as DLC.

MadMax2679d ago

Tried out the demo and im not sure about dropping $60 on it. Went for Crysis2 for the PS3 instead. $54 on amazon with a $10 gift card! They always have the best deals on there.