FTG GameGuide: Bulletstorm Echo – The Mall

"Ever since playing the Bulletstorm demo, I knew that Echo Mode was going to produce some fun and challenging rivalries on the leaderboards. But not all of us have the time (or the inclination) to keep retrying each mission again and again; instead, use this guide to up your score in each Echo mission, with minimal effort. Read on to find out how to up your score in The Mall." The Stoned Sheep

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Fir3truck2587d ago

Yet another work of game guide gold, great job TSS.

maxcavsm2587d ago

Good write up; I've been following these for my 1000 point playthrough, but definitely got stuck on the Monorail section for my three star.

AmigoSniped2587d ago

I'm gonna use this later today

PureDarkness2587d ago

Echo mode is a dick, this will help a lot.

ChaingunPope2587d ago

These are very helpful. Thanks a ton!

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