Interview: Checkerboarded Studios on School Shooter (

The controversial Half-Life 2 mod's developers defend their shocking creation!

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mrwiggles2702d ago

Pawnstick's last response.. wow.

LewisDenby2702d ago

That was my reaction, too.

milliways2702d ago

I'm still processing the fact that he said that.

ChrisW2702d ago

That and, "I’m trying to make the main character as likable as possible."

Downtown boogey2702d ago

How can you defend something like that??
It's inherently invalid.

anthem2702d ago

Did any one feel crazy after cod mw2 killing all the people in the airport? I kinda was like wow I just did that
But this is different no point just crazy rage killing
I do not approve of this type of game or rape sims just kinda seems sick and lost

LStratford2702d ago

Did you even read what the guy said about the game? They're trying to show how bunt and horrible these things are - the kind of people that do these shootings are beyond a game tipping them over the edge, but it could give them a way of releasing that tension WITHOUT resorting to murder.

D812702d ago

I don't think it sounds as clear-cut as that from their answers, to be honest. There seems to be a divide even between the devs over what their aim actually is.

anthem2702d ago

I did read so they are doing us a favor making trash like this? I think not be real man dude just wanted to make a fucked up game. with his logic whats next killing baby game for the crazy moms who do their kids in, get drunk and smash your wifes face game,smoke meth and loose all your teeth game,Stuff like this adds to the fuel for people who are thinking about doing something crazy not every one but really if you want to help some one who is on the edge this is not it it's counter productive

moonkid2701d ago

Yeah, but he contradicts himself. He says that his goal is to make the game "fun", which seems at odds with the intent to show school shootings as horrible.

And then there's his final answer.

distorted_reality2702d ago

Whatever you think about the mod, that was a bloody good interview, both from the bloke asking the right questions and the honest and no-bullshit responses from the interviewees.