Valve Exploring Steam iOS/Android Expansion

NowGamer: A forum post by a visitor to Valve's HQ suggests the developer is looking to bring Steam to mobile platforms...

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Soldierone2554d ago

If they bring actual games to Android i will finally become a Steam fan. Until then....MEH! :P

BeastlyRig2554d ago

wow let me guess you usually pay $60 for you games huh!

Soldierone2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Ummm....okay? and LOL at the disagrees.

Yes im really gonna get excited about tracking my friends on Steam with my phone....not like PSN an XBL hasnt already been there before.

I simply said bring good games with you, how is that a bad thing? Are pc gamers too cool for regular games now too? Is the hardware not fancy enough to run Crysis so you wont touch it? ....

And no I dont hover on Steam constantly refreshing it all day waiting for a free game to pop up.....I actually play games and support developer I like. Valve not being one of them.

Stealth20k2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

and there would be 0 compatible games. Maybe used for record keeping

and besides ios/andriod are pretty closed market places. Even the 360 wont ever have it. I doubt this will amount to anything

Fishy Fingers2554d ago

Nice if I could just message my mates and what not on Steam via my phone. Surprised they dont have an app yet honestly.

TheIneffableBob2554d ago

There are third-party apps that use the Steam API to show your friends and stuff, but no official app yet. You can't do things like message your friends, just see if they're online/offline and look through their games lists.

Software_Lover2554d ago

I meant to say that you cant message (in an edit) but I got distracted, LOL. Thanks

anthem2554d ago

Maybe when a real 4G network come around it will be worth it

Pandamobile2554d ago

Steam Community features with friend chat would be AWESOME.

BeastlyRig2554d ago

How cool would it be if you could buy a game like angry birds on steam & have it free on your phone!!

Soldierone2554d ago

So just said the exact same thing I said, but yet you tried to flame me above.....oh the irony....

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