Lower development budgets mean more creative freedom - Another World creator

Triple A games are creatively stunted thanks to bigger costs compared to indie games.

That's the opinion of Another World and From Dust creative director Eric Chahi, speaking to CVG.

We asked Chahi for his thoughts on the words of Cliff Bleszinski, who said at GDC that developers today had to either make blockbuster triple A games or low budget indie games to be commercially successful.

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Stealth20k2795d ago


50 percent of console games are boring as hell and terrible shooters

Human Analog2795d ago

I would LOVE to see Out of this World (another world) released on PSN/XBL. I would like to play it again. They need to include Heart of the Alien as well.

MeatAbstract2795d ago

A perfect example. Demon's Souls. A small niche game with a clear low budget with the usual expensive cut scenes removed, focused completely on gameplay and it was one of the best games we've seen this generation.