Sega Rally Revo Review 8/10

"SEGA Rally has always been considered by many as the definitive arcade rally game considering it appeared in the actual arcades in the 90's as well as appearing on various home consoles such as the SEGA Saturn or Genesis depending on which side of the pond you live. With its non simulation approach and favourable gameplay it offered a contrast to the likes of Outrun and Daytona USA back in times past. Well today in 2007 SEGA have made a next generation version of the game and whilst the name is shared with previous iterations, the game is in fact new and features new gameplay mechanics."

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crazy250004089d ago

im still debating whether or not i should buy this game.....i didnt like the thinkin of dirt, but still not sure :/

Tone4088d ago

The game is amazing btw.. the demo does it no justice at all!

The gameplay is ace and so is the graphics.. and its a blast online :)

tmax4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

If you like arcade style racing, this is the one to get, the speed of this game is intense.

Absolutely love it!

They should also re-make the old Daytona in HD as well.