10 Hardest Playstation 3 Trophies

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DavidMacDougall2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Moxxis Arena (Second DLC for Borderlands) should be in there!

It takes 3 odd hours to do 20 rounds and there is no checkpoint, so if you die you have to do all 3 hours again!

...and there is 3 of them! :(

Redempteur2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

WIpeout HD , beat ZICO ..

my frist game with trophies, and i'll probably never get the platinium of it..

Kleptic2559d ago

I have a few guys on my list that platinum'd W:HD...and yeah, it has to be one of the hardest game out there...

but Zico actually isn't that bad...I was very close to taking it, but didn't try too much as there was still a bunch I needed to get...there are youtube videos on how to do it, and once you see the tricks on where to roll its just a matter of nailing them...

but again...imo thats not the hardest trophy in the game...the up to level 70 in zones with ONLY air brakes?...getting the 'true' gold's on every event...etc...that is where it takes patience I simply don't have...

Radec in killzone 2 is another one that probably shouldn't be on this list...He is actually easy, although it could be said you are using a 'glitch' or something...but putting your back to a wall and only using the knife makes him pretty much the easiest thing in the game when on elite (salumun bridge and a few other sections are WAY more difficult)...there are videos everywhere on how to do them too though...

I can't believe that GT5 isn't on this list though...a game that takes over 600 hours of grinding to reach level 40 in a and b spec...not to mention getting 1000 cars in your garage...and with a handful of special events and license tests that will have you sawing your own head off within hours...the gold standard in GT5 has to be the single hardest trophy to accomplish on all of the PSN right now...a game that sold millions still only has a handful of people that have done it close to 6 months after it released...

Redempteur2559d ago

well i have yet to see someone with a platinium of GT5 there is ..well so much to do

PhoenixDevil2559d ago


I had the insane idea of getting GT5s platinum but its got to be near gone impossible, 1000 cars and level 40 technically isint that hard just lot of grinding. Whats hard and take skill in that game is the 'Gold Standard' trophy, every single race event and licence with gold, as if the licences arent bad enough the 24 hour endurance races separate the men from the crazy, and there are 9 endurance races with all being 2 hours plus

Kleptic2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

^^I'm at about 50% through GT5's trophy set now, same boat though...'trying' to eventually get a platinum, but I say that with every game...and have only done it once haha...

but GT5 is about 65% grinding, 35% skill...the grinding itself is actually easy, as the remote racing is just a new idea on RPG farming...and works money quickly isn't a problem if you use that often and have a few dedicated friends as well...

also, the endurance races can all be done in b spec...the b spec mode is what makes platinum not quite as impossible as you may think when first looking at the gold standard trophy doesn't have a very in depth description...but you can get the trophy just by completing the offline races in a OR b spec...and b spec is the much easier route to take...winning nearly every event is actually pretty easy, and the endurance races are just a matter of leaving your PS3 on while the race is taking place...

that leaves the special of which is currently broken (the nascar challenge) as PD locked stability management on for the last 2 events in the series...making your car impossible slow through turns at seems like a glitch, that should be fixed it wasn't this way until 1.06...but with ASM on, it simply can't be done...or if it can, i haven't figured it out yet...

and yeah...thats one of about 15 of the 60 total license tests/and 20 odd other special events that you make you pull your own teeth out...tough isn't even a word to describe this...If I ever do get a platinum in GT5...its going to be the first thing listed on my resume...that illustrates commitment and work ethic well beyond what any college degree can give you...

ForceCSW2559d ago

SOCOM: Confrontation has one of the hardest trophy lists out there.

nanometric2558d ago


Ha ha, about 50% myself and hoping to get platinum myself, and said the same thing about every game and managed to platinum only MW2 :D

Not sure about your grinding to skill precentage, because I haven't redone a single race for cr/xp.

what do you mean the nascar challenge is broken? I got all golds in it, about few weeks back :/ Took awhile - yes, but nothing unbeatable.

Same for licenses - got all golds. Special events also up till AMG driving academy, the extra long challanges are a chore for me :(

But by far, the single most ridiculously hardest challenge, up to point of almost smashing my DS3 against my TV was the Top Gear Lotus Elise challenge. Now THAT required some super precise driving O_O I jumped in joy when I finally finished 1st, even my wife was happy about it and she doesn't even play games lol

sikbeta2558d ago

GT5 Plat! is one of them

devilmaycry20202558d ago

if the X 2010 Challenge does not break your will for the platinum nothing will.

Kleptic2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

do you know what version GT5 was at when you did the nascar challenge?...PD has since forced ABS on, and locked ASM on...I think it was 1.07 that did it...the event is EASY if you take off ASM, but with it forced on...its seemingly impossible for many...granted I haven't really really tried at it, but put in at least an hour straight the other day and couldn't even get bronze...and don't have a good idea of what exactly I am doing wrong...

but yeah, grinding wise I haven't done that in anything other than b spec with remote racing...haven't run into any A spec event races that i had trouble with...and am now pretty much out of things to do accept most of the special events, finally go back through the licenses to get all golds, etc...but even after getting the gold standard, you will have to grind a good bit more to get a level 40 in a spec...thats all I meant...

but the x2010 hasn't been too bad yet...golded monza within an hour (its just a matter of timing the 2nd chicane right, you can jump those curb stones at 150mph and not get disqualified), and am a few tenths off suzuka (thats the bad one apparently) for gold...but hopefully will have it tonight...then i'll put a night into nurbergring GP X2010 event...and be done with it...the nascar (because I hate nascar) was really the only special event i've spent much time with, i just wanted it over with...and have gold on all but the very last event which is 2 laps at daytona...and have been doing the x2010 stuff just because after you drive that for a few hours...everything else is cake...

I hear the lotus challenge is tough too, like you the lotus tuned the way they give it to you is an ice skate...

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DavidMacDougall2559d ago

Some guy on playfire had a GT5 platinum, i checked his PSN profile cause i thought he was lying LOL

Spitfire_Riggz2559d ago

GT5, I really think that game should have 2 platinums. Getting all gold on every event is a platinum in itself

Kran2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Thats not how I remember it.

If you died, you only lose the round. I think of it was after a few failed attempts, you went back a round.

It was tough though.

There has been times where we were on like near the end, and I d/ced. :/ Man I was p**sed. And I was the one hosting too >:( So I couldnt be invited back in as the game had been stopped.

sinncross2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Ive got the Platinums for MkvsDc, KZ2 and GTA4: so I have three of the trophies on the list.


Maddens Raiders2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

but what about WARHAWK? It's not a game, it's a freaking career. Don't know when or if I'll ever attain it by the time StarHawk drops.

@Blacktric (below) - yeah i know a lot of ppl talk bad about Far Cry 2 but I really loved that game (the custom map maker was a blast!) but yeah the plat trophy is a graduate course in masochism.

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Blacktric2559d ago

Far Cry 2's Warlord trophy (Achieve Rank 30 in Multiplayer) is definitely the hardest one. Earning XP is hard as f*ck already and if you add the required time to get enough XP to reach level 30... it's just impossible. Not to mention multiplayer portion of Far Cry 2 is nearly dead.

trainsinrdr2559d ago

yep and the one for getting the bandoliers for all weapons even more so because 90% of games you get disconnected and sometimes you randomly lose all your xp from the previous day:(

Dark_Overlord2559d ago

Not if you know the glitch ;) Got my level 30 a few weeks ago :D Got sick of doing it legit to level 22

P_Bomb2559d ago

I was so glad/surprised when I beat Zico, lol'd that the trophy icon was a pic of his face :p

UNCyrus2559d ago

Nice, I have 3/10 on that list :)

meganick2559d ago

The hardest trophy I've ever seen is for Mega Man 10 where you're required to play through the entire game and beat it without taking any damage. That's ridiculous.