Runic: MMO subs not great as "pretty much everyone" has WoW

Runic Games isn't keen on the monthly subscription fee model for MMOs explains CEO Max Schaefer, as anyone paying subs is with World of Warcraft.

The Torchlight studio believes you're best using another model. Runic's dungeon-crawler is something you can play in small bites or "geek out on all night."

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BiggCMan2591d ago

I was never in to these kind of games, but this looks like fun. I just did some research on it and I like how it looks. Apparently its out on XBLA which is cool, I may pick it up some day. For someone that plays these games a lot, whats your opinions on the really popular ones like World of Warcraft, Warhammer, and any others? I tried WoW out once on a free trial but I couldn't really get into it.

Apollyn2591d ago

I have played most western mmos to coke out in the past 8 years and a fair few Korean ones.

WoW was really good but over the years its been watered down content made easier game made easier so that its easier to just pick up and play. Also far to many people comare games to wow I mean srs wow stole lots of its ui from loads of other mmo's.

WAR online was pretty good if you pvp'd it seriously lacked alot of pve experience.

I love MMOS and currently enjoying rift its similar to original wow in terms of ganeplay pvp is bloody brilliant. So many class combinations.

However I want somthing a little more casual for days when I don't fancy rift or demon souls. This could b it.

v0rt3x2591d ago

finally someone who gets it.

Baka-akaB2591d ago

Only partially .

The problem isnt the sub model ... it's that everyone clone the same game hoping they'll kill wow or take a chunk of the pie . And each time it fails .

At best you'll have raving critics and frenzy like what's happening in Rift , then the game is dropped as fast and stabilize to an average population of die hard fans .

There should be more mmos trying to be different from the mold , trying to get client from untapped or mostly untapped markets .

The one that currently do , arent even fantasy based , but stuff like CoH and DCU .

Bottom line there wont be anything new and game changing in fantasy mmos till GW2 .

zeal0us2591d ago

I get wow done did about everything but when new mmorpgs come out, ppl start bashing it , Wow Clone and etc. Wow isn't first MMORPG it just one of the first to do a great number of sucess. The only thing that going to kill wow is blizzard themselves not any MMORPG anytime soon.

Seen screenshots and gameplay GW2 it looks amazing, I don't know anything about game changer or etc seeing I haven't done any research on the game

T.E.R.A looks pretty good too bad it won't hit stateside anytime soon


I do think some of these P2P MMO could be doing a whole lot better if they went F2P. Rift would of probably drawn in more players with that. Crimecraft wouldn't look so dead. Hell even taking the GW route(buy disc,membership forever no sub) would of been then going p2p for some them in some cases

cozmo1952591d ago

who's gonna break the news to jagex??