PS3 + PES 2008 bundle priced.

PS3 40GB + PES 2008 bundle will cost 429.50€ according to a French retailer. It will release on November 14th.

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yaf4084d ago

gonna be real big in europe

stunt2134083d ago

this is going to sell a lot of units in Europe and Japan, but not here in North America because soccer is not popular at all.

resistance1004083d ago

Well which is most likey why SCEA won't run a PES bundle in america

Foliage4083d ago

Actually soccer is quite popular in Canada, and almost everywhere else in the world (with one exception).

So you probably meant it isn't popular in half of North America.

achira4083d ago

wow nice deal! unbelievable!

Devr4083d ago

This could be huge in countries like the UK, France, Spain and Italy.

Baba19064083d ago

wow thats like buying a ps3 for 360 euros 0o crazy.

Razzy4083d ago

I think this bundle will move quite a few PS3's off the shelves in Nov.

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The story is too old to be commented.