Why Console Gamers Will Love Crysis 2

Attackofthefanboy: Crysis 2 is getting ready to release on March 22nd, and with that a whole new market of gamers will get to experience the Crysis franchise. When it was originally released back in 2007, CryEngine 2 made minced meat out of graphics cards of the time. Because of that, not many got to experience first hand what a first person shooter from Crytek is like. Here are five reasons that console gamers will love Crysis 2.

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SnakeMustDie2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Playing it on PC is the way the game is meant to be played. If you don't have a nice rig, a console is a nice substitution for playing this game but I highly recommend the PC version over the 360/PS3.

Paladz2826d ago

It is no longer PC that is the way the game is meant to be played, atleast for Crysis that is.

The CryTek 3 engine was rebuild to design the game for consoles. The PC version is just a port with better graphics, the gameplay isn't suited for PC and you can clearly feel this in the movement.

Active Reload2826d ago

"Why Console Gamers Will Love Crysis 2"

Because my console only cost $200 and it plays the most technically advanced game on the planet! You all should soak up all this positive energy I'm expending...

BiggCMan2826d ago

The REAL reason many console gamers will love Crysis 2 is because they dumbed it down to be more like Call of Duty. Airstrikes, lesser graphics, problematic multiplayer, custom classes, stripped down single player and much more. I'm disappointed by the way Crytek has made this game. Crysis was a fantastic OPEN WORLD experience that let you do everything, exactly how you wanted to, and the multiplayer wasn't such a huge priority. Now they have reversed that entirely, to try and get more people to jump in.

Jacobite2826d ago

Im happy if console players enjoy it my son being one, still p*ssed off if its true you have gimped the PC Version for consoles will be my last Crytec game lol said the with COD games after MW2 still got BO never never never again this time for sure,yip mean it.