Disturbing Trend – Reviews For Big Games Are Rolling In Too Late

From GT - I’m beginning to notice a very disturbing trend amongst game publishers, namely EA and THQ when it comes to review embargoes. It simply does not make sense. As a consumer, I’d like to know all that I can about a product before I make a purchase, so when I eventually do, my satisfaction will be total.

For videogames, reviews are what we go by most times, but nowadays those reviews land on the same day of releases, not giving the potential buyer enough time to gauge reception, instead they rush out and spend their hard-earned cash “hoping” the game turns out good.

This has to stop.

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Johandevries2705d ago

Well, I'd prefer reviewers not to rush their stories but actually take time for them.

movements2705d ago

It has nothing to do with rushing stories... Publishers could make review copies available earlier, giving journalists enough time to do their jobs correctly.