Valve working on unannounced 360/PS3 project?

Valve programmer Jeep Barnett has dropped the biggest hint yet that the developer currently has an unannounced 360/PS3 game in the works, suggesting that the firm has "other stuff coming" for current generation platforms.

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AGamerOfConsoles2743d ago

It could be Left 4 Dead 3. Good for Valve for finally getting to grips with PS3. Now more people can enjoy their games.

Pixelated_Army2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

L4D3 for PS3 would be awesome.

tehpees32743d ago

I'll lol if L4D goes to PS3.

ElementX2743d ago

L4D isn't that fun. I played with friends a couple of times and sold it.

Eamon2743d ago

Just because you didn't find it fun that doesn't mean it isn't.

It's one of the funnest multiplayer co-op games I've played.

Sitris2743d ago

Oh god please! I fricken love L4D, that, mass effect, gears, fable and halo to me are (or were in some cases) the reasons to have the 360. With fable 3 on PC soon(yay) and mass effect on ps3 as well, I would love for l4d on my ps3.

DirtyLary2743d ago

Bring DOTA 2 to consoles and own souls.

Cash shop would make so much money.

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DeadlyFire2743d ago

Well it could be other things other than L4D 3. Valve has like 3 other known IPs that are yet to be announced as well as potential hidden IPs that are hidden.

There is well.
L4D 3? Its been awhile since that last one.
Counter Strike Source 2? Rumors have been around for awhile. If it exists it will be for all platforms most likely PC, Mac, PS3, X360.
Half-Life 3? Well. Episode 3 I believe has become vaporware by now. Essentially I believe it has evolved beyond what Valve expected and it has shifted into a full game sequel. Episode 2 was released in 2009 I believe. I think Valve is going to tease us with a 2012 trailer of some sort at E3.

linko18-19902743d ago

Maybe new Half life ? Team fortress? Left 4 dead? any of those would b awesome.............

waltyftm2743d ago

I would love to see a L4D trilogy pack for PS3, And if they could include cross platform co-op like Portal 2 it would make Millions happy.

badz1492743d ago

but seeing as they are basically giving away a copy of PC version with every PS3 version of Portal 2, L4D is not sounding so ridiculous anymore! I'm not really a fan of Valve but if THAT ever happen, I can't say no to a good deal!

SnakeMustDie2743d ago

L4D3 and a L4D collection with community-made mods like I hate Mountains exclusive for the ps3.

ElementX2743d ago

I'm hoping it's Counter Strike

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The story is too old to be commented.