Yakuza 4 Review: Raiding Party

Raiding Party's review of Yakuza 4 | Raiding Party

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fredfenster2438d ago

Great score, well deserved.

icewater852438d ago

I love this game been playing it a lot.

Rampaged Death2438d ago

Never played a game in the series but I'm very interested. Do I get this or Yakuza 3 ?

fredfenster2438d ago

Start off with Yakuza 3, should be dirt cheap and is definitely not a game you should miss out on. One of my favorites this gen, perhaps even my #1.

Cloudberry2438d ago

* Contents cut; Yakuza 3 English version is more / less than 80% complete of the Japanese version.

* The first chapters story is slow paced.


While Yakuza 4 is more improved (although not that drastic) than Yakuza 3, but their core game-play is the same.

You could try Yakuza 4 straight without playing 3 either.

Yakuza 4 contain option to recap previous titles' story.

nix2438d ago

as fredfendster said.. start with Y3. it's got million things to do irrespective of few content cuts. you won't be disappointed.

akiraburn2438d ago

I'd definitely agree on starting with Yakuza 3. It will give you a much better insight into the series of the Yakuza games than starting directly at Yakuza 4. You could start at Yakuza 4, however you'd be missing out on playing through a lot of big events, or making connections with a lot of the characters you will meet in advance. And even despite the content cuts in Yakuza 3, you're still looking at potentially 60 or more hours of content.

You'll be getting things like mini-games (bowling, pool, golf, darts, karaoeke, arcade games, and more), Hitman missions, gambling halls (both with traditional gambling games and Japanese based games like Cee Lo and Cho Han), over 101 sub-story missions, and a ton more. The game also is relatively cheap now (about $20 USD or less at most retailers). Hope that helps some.

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JusenkyoGuide2438d ago

it seems everyone but ign seems how good this game is lol.