Devil May Cry Animated Series 1-12

12 episodes of Devil May Cry animated series in Divx full screen quality. Enjoy.

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Dark_Overlord4088d ago

Ive seen them and they are really good, however if you expecting a story of any kind you won't find one (Thats probably the only bad point I can think of)

Also to any of those into fansub tv rips, go for the AonE Conclave versions they are top quality

MADGameR4088d ago

I expected the appearence of Vergil, Nero and maybe even Sparda. 2 fights with Dante and Vergil, a fight with Dante and Nero, and a final battle with Dante, Sparda and Vergil.

jackdoe4088d ago

N4G shouldn't list fansubs as news...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4088d ago

its technically about a game series so i find it alright to post this.

barom4088d ago

The first episode is awsome. Then 2-8 sucked. Then 9-11 was so so. 12 was alright, depressing as a final episode, good compared to the episodes 2-11.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4088d ago

It was not that good. The storyline sucked. But the action scenes were fairly cool.

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