[email protected] Review: Crytek invents a revolutionary masterpiece in ‘Crysis 2′

Reviewer Travis McKnight was very impressed by his time with Crysis 2, stating that the title has "an incredibly rewarding campaign and remarkable combative multi-player that will awe players as a revolutionary adventure."

According to the reviewer, by splicing “Crysis 2’s” fantastic gameplay with its surreally beautiful graphics, Crytek has set Crysis 2 up to be 2011’s game of the year.

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BK-2012800d ago

Lost any validity by implying it will be GOTY, the SP is great but the game is not GOTY quality.

meetajhu2800d ago

This year Rage,Crysis 2, L.A.Noire or Last Guardian gets the GOTY award. But my hopes are for Rage

Masterchef20072800d ago

Yes i agree with you that any of those have a chance of getting GOTY. But in my opinion it will be Uncharted 3 that will win multiple game of the year awards since naughty dog just seems to make their games better after the last one.

Statix2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

If by "revolutionary," he means cutting down the open-world sandboxes of the original Crysis 1 on PC and turning it into another linear, arcadey FPS mixture between COD and Halo, then yeah, it's the Che Guevara of videogames.

Spinal2800d ago

Worked for World of Warcraft which was an mixture of Everquest and Warhammer.

Heck, I still play WoW til today.

Statix2800d ago

I don't play MMOs, so I do not know of the references of which you speak. However, let me put it this way: I would not be very happy if the developers of the sequel to the legendary Deus Ex were to take that legendary, acclaimed game and turn it into a mixture of Uncharted and Rainbow Six Vegas, losing the heart and core gameplay of the original classic in the process.

Wait a second, some Deus Ex fans are whispering something in my ear... They're already doing that?! Oh, f*** me.

Raf1k12800d ago

Mixing two different games can work but in this case there really is nothing revolutionary. It's a really well put together game from what reviews have said so far and you could say it's an amazing game but revolutionary doesn't come into it.

Statix2800d ago

Are people who work at Crytek signing up for this site and giving everyone disagrees or something?

byeGollum2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

lucky for you, when I disagree I state why.

first of all the game is a mixture of linear and sandbox, I call it Semi-Sandbox. It's more open ended than 99% shooters anyways.

secondly, I'm trying my best to find 'Halo' or 'COD' in this game, to me each title has it's own identity.

Maybe you are getting dizzy from so many First person shooters

etownone2800d ago

It's getting great reviews.
It's got a great multiplayer.
A long (16hours In told) amazing single player campaign.
And amazing graphics ... arguably the best on consoles to date.

The only people bashing this game are psfans.

Statix2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

@Gollum: Its level design and structure may still be more open-ended than 99% of shooters nowadays, that is absolutely true... however, it's still undeniably a downgrade from Crysis 1, which renders invalid the argument that the gameplay is somehow so "revolutionary." Objectively, it wouldn't even be considered a modest upgrade to the original that came out 4 years ago.

My comparisons to COD and Halo are based primarily on a number of various factors, which include (but are not limited to):

-the ridiculous amount of damage you can absorb and still survive.
-the fact that the game appears to promote and allow the player to run around in the open with haphazard and run-and-gun abandon, as opposed to using stealth and tactics.
-the multiplayer mode, which is a blatant rip-off of COD (don't even try to debate this point).
-unrealistic, acrobatic maneuvers, such as leaping high into the air (Halo-style) and performing a ground stomp attack.

Yes, you could say that I am "dizzy" from so many first-person shooters (including Crysis 2). It'd be more accurate to say that I am a very jaded and picky FPS player.


@etownone: Is it "PS fans" who are bashing this game, or is it Xbox fans who are desperate to defend and praise it because it's the only thing they have? I mean, I seem to have seen you comment (or more accurately troll) on more than one Crysis 2-related news story, going on with your nonsense about how it's got "better graphics than Killzone 3" and how this game "proves the 360 can match the PS3 in graphical prowess, blah-de-blah-de-blah..."

"Great multiplayer."

Funny that you say this, considering you've never played the retail game, and the multiplayer demos were a complete disaster at worst, and mediocre at best. Are these just things you are saying to yourself to convince yourself that "OMGZ0RZ, CRYSIS 2 WILL BE THE GREATEST GAME EVAR?"

It seems to me that Xbox fans such as yourself are the ones who are desperate to praise this game like it's the second coming. Me? I'm just a PS3 owner who is trying to be a little more objective about how I evaluate the quality and fun-value of a game; I actually do plan on buying Crysis 2 at some point in the future, because the SP campaign looks interesting and fairly well-done. But I'm not going to delude myself and say that this is a revolutionary game that is a contender for 2011 GOTY.

Stealth20k2800d ago

they dont even realize its a copy of farcry. A generic one

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byeGollum2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )


-that is called maximum amour.. it allows you to withstand more damage
if you are shot at without amour mode on, you will die(in an instant) taking a minimum three burst fire

- that is the whole point of Crysis 2/Nanosuit, you can play however you want. Wanna play smart or tactical? you can do that.. Wanna go all out? feel free

- they took a bit from the "most played" shooter without breaking their own game. The nanosuit differentiates Crysis2 multiplayer from all others, I would know, I played the hell out of the MP demo on Live.