40 GB PS3: Will No PS2 Backwards Compatibilty Hinder Sales?

It was officially announced yesterday that a new low priced 40GB PS3 would be hitting overseas next week. A U.S. announcement has not been made at this time.

The only complaint about this new model seems to be the lack of backwards compatibility with the PS2 game library. So lets take a look at whether this would truly hinder many sales.

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SimmoUK4088d ago

no of course not, the general consumer wouldn't even care, i can't believe there's a whole article on this crap now how stupid...

ConsoleKing4088d ago

is because if you go to most of the gaming sites they are all saying how it was such a bad idea for Sony to leave out b. c. this article shows why its not that big of a deal. And that it will still sell regardless. If there are articles depicting it as bad like this one

then why can't their be an article showing that it isn't bad and that people will purchase it regardless?

ConsoleKing4088d ago

alot of these comments are portraying this as a negative article but if you read the whole thing its not negative at all. The answer to the question is no it won't hinder sales and it explains why.

Spike474088d ago

the average consumer does'nt even know what backwards comp. is.

and why would they wanna buy a ps3 and later play ps2 games on it with games like drake's fortune,ut3,assasins creed,or ratchet and clank 5.

this is just a stupid way to bash sony.

it's just so stupid.

TheExecutive4088d ago

Exactly. Now that there are some huge games coming out BC is less important than it was this year.

VendettaWFT4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

Yah I agree all this negative attention getting thrown at the 40 gig is ridiculous. I mean it still offers a ton of options for just $399. The only thing you can't do is play PS2 games? I mean who really cares. Listen most people who bought a PS3 never play the old PS2 games, I mean whats the point, Yah I can see maybe poppin in SotC, GOW1/2, MGS3 but other than a quick nostalgic play through, thats it. If you still play PS2 games all the time then keep the system around and still play them...thats no big deal. It's kinda bullsh!t that Sony said that BC was all might back like a year ago, and now pass it off as something thats not really needed. But in all honesty if they can get a PS3 in homes to play Uncharted, MGS4, UT3, RCToD, Warhawk...then good for them. If your still complaining about it a lot, then buy the 60 or 80 pretty sure that still has BC

ironflag5554088d ago

damn even with a price drop, ppl still find something to complain about, dont trade your ps2 if its that much of a big deal

ash_divine4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

that's exactly what I was thinking, it just shows what kind of world we live in. sad ain't it?

mikeaka4088d ago

BC is a cool feature to have,especially if you have a big ps2 collection but only a fool would let that stop them from buying a can always release popular PS2 titles on PSN and lets face it,half of them will get next gen incarnations.

cmrbe4088d ago

I don't think it will hinder sales as people that already have a PS2 might just want a cheap PS3 like me but i already bought mine 9 months ago. Will just wait and see but i am pretty positive that they will fly off the shelves