Why I Still Love GTA 3

Garvaos from Plus XP explains why he still thinks GTA 3 is still one of the best GTA games ever.

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Quagmire2821d ago

My personal fave is Vice City. Love the time, the music, the style, the fashion, the music, the neon lights, the music, the music...

PlusXP2821d ago

Vice city for me is a close second I got to admit :D

an0nym0us2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Vice City was gay because of the color "Pink"

Quagmire2821d ago

So you're telling me that you and pigs are gay? mmkay, if thats what floats your boat.

MintBerryCrunch2821d ago

you associate gay with pink?

how old are you

BlmThug2821d ago

@an0nym0us Wow, How Old Are You, Only Kids Think Pink Is A Girls Colour & Is Gay, On Topic Gta VC & SA Were The Best For Me

metsgaming2821d ago

mine too vice city was the best gta. Then i would put gta 3 second and then San Andreas. GTA4 is like indiana jones 4, im pretending that it has nothing to do with the others and is just stealing the name.

miko_a7x2820d ago

Well, GTA 4 was awesome man, come one! Vice City for me the greatest game since the arrival of the Playstation, and GTA is def the best franchise. They are like the Martin Scorsese movie of the game industry. But IV was actually pretty good. Yes I agree it didn't have the "FUN" factor that basically made the other GTA games awesome, but the script and the world design were top notch

Electroshocked2820d ago

It would be pretty awesome if they made GTA I, GTA II, GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City as a HD collection for the PS3 with trophies.

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metsgaming2821d ago

even the psp gta's are better then gta4, by a long shot.

Oldman1002821d ago

I remember...

-mastering the art of the dodo and being able to fly it as long as i wanted.

-coming across the banshee for the first time at the auto dealer and being amazed you could actually drive it.

-blowing limbs off of pedestrians (thanks to the gore cheat) leaving only the torso.

Good times...

Trevonn2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

have u actuly played any of the other gta's?

jazzybaboon2820d ago

I played 3 and vice city but gave up on san andreas because i thought it was a bit racist which ruined the fun. I like them all gameplay wise but my mum used to spank me to my room if she caught me playing them.

Trevonn2820d ago

im mindboogled how 4 can be your fav when 3 set the benchmark VC raised the benchmark SA raised it again then 4 came out on its massive hype train ryding onthe sucsess of the other three then BAM!!! imo gta4 was utter horseshite the biggest letdown in gaming EVER!! for me i still curse rockstar,gta4 and rdr till this very day rdr's story was good but the missions were like playing cod 4 years straight same ol same ol
rockstar i hope you read this because you've dug big hole for me even red fraction guerrella had a better cheatlist than gta4 for christ's sake

xstation792820d ago

I really enjoyed gta 4, I don't care what other people say about it. San andreas is my favorite.

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The story is too old to be commented.