Battlefield 3 Scans - Deferred rendering is what makes Battlefield 3 looks so good

latest issue of PlayStation Magazine, revealed they used deferred rendering in Battlefield 3 which is the same tech as used in killzone, and little big planet to make them looks so good. And implemented FIFA animation system for AI locomotion.

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Oldman1002557d ago

Gahhhhhhh the wait is unbearable. ME WANTS NOW!

vsr2557d ago

Deferred rendering is becoming popular after KZ2. Nice to see Multiplat games are becoming Better

smartcat2557d ago

Deferred rendering isn't the tech engine own by Sony and Guerrilla? is this game at xbox as well?

Mc Fadge2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Not sure about who invented the tech, but I remember reading something about the PS3 and PC version having a rendering method that wouldn't be utilised on the 360?

Was this it? I can't remember...

And yes, Battlefield 3 will be available on the 360.

ar2557d ago

Deferred rendering is general technique and isn't owned by anyone. However, Guerrilla Games were one of the first developers to put the technique in a game.

suicidalblues2557d ago

But didn't the xbots slam kz3 for using it, saying it wasn't "real" rendering or some bs like that?

Now that it's multi-plat it'll be AWESOME!! /s.....

Funny how a viewpoint can change depending on whether your preferred system or game uses a tech.

ar2556d ago

I try not the dirt myself with fanboy war. I just stick to the facts.

BlackKnight2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Funny thing is one of the first games to have deferred rendering was crackdown 1 for all the city lighting they needed.

"The night-time view of the cityscape at the end of the video exercises the full might of Crackdown's deferred rendering engine (similar techniques are found in GTAIV and Killzone 2, to name but two). In this scene, the engine is processing over 3,000 light sources"

No one really talks about the fact that Crackdown had 3,000 lights, since the artstyle was meant to act like the comic book, this was over looked.

yume-k2557d ago

What is deferred rendering can someone explain please?

Mc Fadge2557d ago

Basically it renders out the different components of the frame and then compiles them into a single image. If you download the Killzone 3: Follow the Bullet demonstration (is that what it was called), you should get a better idea.

yume-k2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

@ Mc Fadge and smartcat

Thanx for the helpful reply guys, bubs+ ^-^

smartcat2557d ago

i just found out this, take a look how they used it on killzone.

Mc Fadge2557d ago

Found an example on YouTube of someone running the demo. It's called Behind the Bullet - I was close ;)

IHateYouFanboys2557d ago

Pretty much every big game coming out these days uses deferred rendering. Reach used it too btw, it's not some Sony owned technology lol. It's just a rendering method.

Battlefield 3 looks great for many reasons other than the deferred rendering.

BlackKnight2557d ago

I had a feeling Reach had it because I noticed that EACH needle coming out of the needler casts its on light on the ground, crazy looking.