IGN Reviewer Claims That Crysis 2 Looks & Runs Better on 360

An IGN reviewer still claims that Crysis 2 looks & performs better on the Xbox 360 after playing both retail versions.

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Balt 2556d ago


Buying Crysis on a console is like buying your favorite movie on beta. It makes no sense unless you're a collector. Which is foolish on many fronts.

On a side note: I played Crysis 2 on the PS3 and was completely blown away by how much it didn't suck like "some" publications and sites had wanted me to believe. It wasn't the best looking game ever -- But it wasn't bad.

jjohan352556d ago

Of course he's going to stand by what he said. You think anyone at IGN will ever have the balls to retract what they've stated? Finding one instance of a frame drop would be enough him to jump up and down and justify his previous claims.

Pixelated_Army2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

The PS3 beasts the Xbox version in

-Anisotropic Filtering
-Better Lighting
-Better shadows
-Better water
-Less black crush
-Better LOD

The permaban for IGN is still in effect.

Pixel_Pusher2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

IGN...ugh. MS' little bitch what else is new.


The game that currently hold the crown for the absolute best graphics on consoles would be

God of War 3.

But because it's not a FPS or have MP it gets looked over which is absolute and complete bulls**t!

So as much as I'm loving Crysis(currently on route to me from Philly) even before they showed that the PS3 was the better overall version. The king of the console graphics still goes to my man Kratos. And that's not my opinion that's fact.

Kurt Russell2556d ago

Yeah yeah IGN are demons sent down by the hell of microsoft to make you fanboys cry and all that shit...

You guys need to get a life.

Pixel_Pusher2556d ago

@Kurt Russell

A little on the dramatic side but basically yes.

paintsville2555d ago

Well there ya have it. Another article supporting what we've been saying for a while now. Xbox version superior to ps3 inferior version. No surprises here. NEXT.

Sony3602555d ago

The "biased devils" at IGN argument in full effect again.


darthv722555d ago

his view of the 360 being better does not invalidate the ps3 being an equally impressive title.

Kudos to crytek and hopefully they can show others how it should be done.

ButterBomb2555d ago

+bubs for you Kurt. But it doesn't matter they just stick their fingers in their ears going "LA LA LA LA".

Not even sure why we are discussing this any longer everyone already knows this..


Motorola2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

When you look at them side by side, I believe they are the same. I expect this from IGN. They never do retract anything.
It reduces their credibility especially when its on this sensitive subject and people will give them less hits. logic really. not right one bit though.

BulletToothtony2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Here's the very problem with IGN at the moment..

Their 360 reviewer doesn't care about the little things, it lets everything slide and because he wants his console of choice to look better it gives it a higher score.

Now on the ps3 side, these reviewer nitpick the crap out of ANY game because they hold the ps3 to a higher standard and unless it looks lifelike it will still only get 9.5 on graphics.

I don't care anymore, i've seen the screenshots, i've seen which looks closer to the pc version and not too dark.

So IGN doesn't fall into ONE website being honest about reviews, it falls into many people not being able to judge games for what they are. Entertainment! And they focus on console war and getting hits and a bigger check by doing so.

Who is to blame them thou? Wouldn't you do the same? after all they get most hits from the US and we know that the 360 rules the US. Which = MS being more generous than Sony, which is cool with me.

I've played 360 exclusives and I know they get away with the minimum and I've played ps3 exclusives and MOST try to do the best they can. I know which games to buy and even thou sad. I'm over this whole review bullshit that these websites do only to ignite silly fights instead of truly trying to help the customer.

MaxXAttaxX2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Does he actually believe the 360 version is better despite the proof!?

Frame rate?
Play through the game or watch online walkthroughs, you'll find that the frames on the PS3 version are far from detrimenting.

Missing effects?
Dude, the 360 version is missing an entire light source.
At this point, I can see this guy is just making shit up.

Do they actually believe that the DARK crush and harsh contrast seen in 360 games is a "good" thing!?

The overall visuals (detail, lighting, contrast, etc) on PS3 look closer to the PC version than 360.
Losing detail in dark areas is not my thing.

Further proof:


Seeing as how the PS3 version comes closer to the PC version, I'll get that one.

2555d ago
BulletToothtony2555d ago

By no mean I'm trying to start any more flamewars.

That is only my opinion and of course it's fine that you contradict it. And thankfully! most the ps2 era wasn't as strongly internet based as this era. Most new sites simply loved video games and they weren't getting paid to give an honest review of a game.

IGN has dozens of employees and they IMO have lost their way to give honest reviews to help the customer (you and me) they nitpick and create flamewars simply to make a bigger check.

And it's ok, I'm not saying they're the devil for doing so. All I'm saying is that their reviews aren't reliable.

I was stating my opinion just like anyone else. I can't care less if Crysis scores .5 points higher on the 360. It's been the same crap for 5 years everyday on this site. And I'm really tired of it.

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Objective2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Actually, this issue of which console version is better does matter a lot, particularly to the fanboys. Crysis 2 has just about taken the crown for best graphics on consoles, and if it is indeed equal or even superior on 360, then it flushes down the toilet bowl all those fanboy claims that PS3 has better graphical capability. Looking forward to what BF3 and Gears of War 3 will do to change the fanboy wars. Exciting times!

Edit: I'm simply making a logical observation of the impact that Crysis 2, which has already been praised to have some of the best graphics yet, will have on the fanboy wars about which console has better graphical capability. Quite simply, there was not much of an answer to Uncharted 2 and KZ3 from the 360 corner in the past. Now, there's Crysis 2 which proves at least the equal capability of 360. As simple and factual as that. No need to get ultra defensive.

gypsygib2556d ago Show
Sitris2556d ago

Crysis 2 does not have the best "graphics" on consoles. That crown still goes to MGS4, for the art style and way it was presented. Besides, the final game, which i have played is going to be somewhat similar on both, nothing to go bragging about. You then go on to say that bf3, a multi platform game, will somehow effect the fanboy war? Your the one in denial, gears 3 looks amazing, why don't you go prep yourself for that game,which is obviously going to push 360 hardware. Besides, who cares about this fanboy crap, when there's is games like, shogun 2 and witcher 2 for pc. Uncharted, killzone and resistance for ps3. Gears for xbox, Zelda for wii. Not to mention all the amazing multi platforms games that will have an option to be played on consoles, which have very little to no difference between them.

arjman2556d ago

Who makes you the judge? lool

Silly gameAr2556d ago

Maybe you should get off of your soapbox and open your eyes man.

Sitris2556d ago

When did I make myself the judge? Judge of what? My personal opinion, is my own, and what is wrong with what I said? The game is looking mediocre on consoles, the games best is on the pc. All the games that are being hyped up are part of different genres and on different hardware. Perhaps I should have said IMO but I assumed that as much people can say crysis looks like the best, I can say another looks like the best.

joab7772556d ago

From every video and screenshot posted, they are damn near identical and if there is a difference, the ps3 is slightly better...honestly. i have to buy it for consoles and I'd b happy with either. As far as this proving that the Xbox is better technologically. It isn't. It just isn't. Any Xbox game made can b put on ps3. The reverse isn't true. Ps3 exclusives rank basically 1,2,3 & maybe 4 for the best looking console games. Crytek will never admit this, but they did not harness the power of the PlayStation like maughty dog or guerilla. I could b wrong, but combing the brilliance of cryengine 3 w the power of the ps3...could definitely have been better than it is. It is impossible to argue which console is more powerful. That being said, I'm playing my Xbox now. There are many features i prefer on Xbox. But these guys sell to me. So, i simply play the best games out there on the better console version as well as exclusives and i am happy. What makes me sad though is to know that so many games could have been so damn good had they been built for the ps3, particularly cod. Hopefully, it all changes w DICE, who have claimed that the ps3 is looking great for b3. We will see. My concern is that it is risky to create an fps game that looks better on ps3. The majority of this genre are on Xbox. And i can only imagine if a particular game was far superior on that other console.

9thNightvolley2556d ago

dude.. dont say that it scares em. one might be forced to jump off the edge, xbox 360 game better?!..

intresting times coming .. indeed.. lots of articles will dance with this topic.. i feel it coming.

Dee_912555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

somebody clearly havent played uc1 uc2 gow3 gt5 or kz2 and kz3
because they all look just as good or better :/

im not a graphical guru but i doubt a sub hd game could hold the crown for graphics

like i said its the best looking multiplat but as for best looking game overall on consoles ? nah
idk about 360 but im judging from the games ive played its far from THE best .......

pc however is another story

bluwulf2555d ago Show
kikizoo2555d ago Show
NiKK_4192555d ago

that's the truth, you will probably get marked for trolling, but that is the truth and everyone can take it as they will

ButterBomb2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

"Wait wait wait 360 fans, I thought Gears of War 1 & 2 Were equals to PS3 games???"

They are! PS3 has a few crown jewels in UC, KZ and GoW. But you act like if you make it on the PS3 it automatically makes it "better". There are plenty of stinkers on the system and I always hear "well, don't blame the PS3 hardware". So that in and of itself says to me it is not simply about console specs(and they are so distorted when it comes to the N4G fanboy disease).

"Yes, factually the 360 can't run advanced engines in HD without sub 20fps framedrops, and severe level of detail pop in."
"Yes, the Capability of the 360 is it can't go toe to toe with PS3 games, just barely get there and require an install to perform as well"

Did you really say that? Considering you can count the amount of games that require an install on 1 hand and the fact they actually have 360's without an HDD you are exaggerating.

Even the highest touted exclusives on the PS3 are not native 720 or 1080p. And I would bet that there are more that REQUIRE an install on the PS3.

I guess you can't resist not getting all ultra defensive..

WyattEarp2555d ago

I'm still astounded to this day by all this garphic and shooter talk from PS fans. These are the two things I thought you didn't seem to care too much about when you chose the PS2 over the original Xbox, even though one could still make graphical comparisons between the two.

I don't deny the PS3's power and capabilities, but one can still compare PS3's and 360's graphics with certain games. After all, this isn't PS3 VS. Wii were talking about.

Crysis and Crysis: Warhead are fun games with amazing A.I. All PS shooter fans should go out and get Crysis 2. Disregard IGN, because your eye is the only thing that counts.

XabiDaChosenOne2555d ago

@butterbomb "They are!" How many times does this claim have to be debunked before you fanboys get it?
But thats beside the point, did that comment really fly over your head like that?
First you start stating that obvious like:

"There are plenty of stinkers on the system" sh*t? there are plenty of "stinkers" on every console. There are plenty of fanboys on every console that claim that every game made on their console are gold so I don't see why you are singling out ps3 fanboys.
"Did you really say that? Considering you can count the amount of games that require an install on 1 hand and the fact they actually have 360's without an HDD you are exaggerating."

Wow, that flew right over your head, he never claimed that the installs are required to run the game, he said you had to install the games to avoid the problems he listed.

"Even the highest touted exclusives on the PS3 are not native 720 or 1080p. And I would bet that there are more that REQUIRE an install on the PS3."
Really UC God of war and KZ needs installs and don't run at 720p? oh, they don't need installs and they do run at native hd? So what the hell are you talking about?

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BiggCMan2556d ago

These comparisons are getting out of hand. Its all that fills the front page every damn day, and i'm really sick of it. In a few months, this game will most likely be forgotten about, and overshadowed by another game. Peoples attention spans are so small nowadays, they quickly move to other things. Crysis 2 is only gaining hype because the media wants hits, and saying these things to start arguments amongst stupid gamers is how they get those hits. The truth is, this game is mediocre and nothing spectacular. It looks pretty, but underneath all that color and light is flat and bland textures, a problem filled multiplayer, and a stripped down single player.

Sitris2556d ago

I wish they had stayed with PC only, they pushed the hardware available at the time to it's limit with the first one, now with their development time being split between hardware, and even going for a multiplayer "upgrade". The first games single player was beautifully crafted, needed some work, but was well made and great to look at. This one looks like a generic shooter in a city, sure you have the abilities, but I wanted a more refined experience, not a changed one. Nevertheless they will have millions kore sales and make a sequel sooner rather than later and cater tone cod crowd even more. As opposed to pushing hardware to it's limit a. Thankfully, bf3 looks to be pushing hardware to limits, let's be hopefully here.

disturbing_flame2556d ago

Oh yes, now you feel frustrated.

Industry business and fanboys everywhere.

People gonna kill soon IRL for their favorite team...

Finaly we have created the idiocracy, what a great society we are living in.

theonlylolking2555d ago

He also says" If you're wanting one that displays natively at 1080, then that'd be the 360" That proves this guy is a fanboy. Both the 360 and PS3 are not in 1080.

Kleptic2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

^^yeah what the hell is he talking about?

I don't know the context of these quotes, so not exactly sure...but it seems like he is saying the PS3 version has some technical effects that are not present in the 360 version (explaining why in comparisons the PS3 version is much more akin to the PC than the 360 is)...but that the 360 version runs in 1080?...

no idea what that is about...and that is not true in any sense...the 360 and PS3 both natively pump crysis 2 out at sub 720p...but are a little different aspect wise from each other because of how each system handles scaling differently...

but one thing is certain...with the comparisons everywhere...the PS3 version does look similar to the PC version in everything but resolution and AA...color wise, lighting wise, they are at least similar...the 360 version is colored radically differently...with different techniques for lighting and noticeable differences with water reflections...

not saying either is out right better...just different...

Vherostar2556d ago

After lens of truth and other articles I think we have finally found IGN for the 360 fanboys they are. I mean I don't buy a game based on which looks slightly better that's stupid and only idiots do it but even I can see PS3 version looks a lot better and thats on equal test equipment add superior sound and HDMI and PS3 nails it.

beastgamer2556d ago Show
Kain812555d ago

i stoped 2 years ago to visit Kotaku, i think IGN is the second site i will stop visiting...
They lost the touch with Gamers

Finger-Eater2555d ago

umm how so? A website states even a single message of 360 supremacy and you go ape shit crazy? I don't know if you know this but they did a Ps3 vs 360 feature like a year ago. Want to know which one they chose to be better? PS3. So stop shitting your pants over this.

shossofe2555d ago

I wouldn't say a single message......but yea. The best reviewers are your friends.

Kain812555d ago

WHY are you giving a SH!T about what i think about IGN...are you an employee from IGN, why are you defending them???

Its my opinion and my choice not to visit them, and i dont give a fu*k what they said about the PS3 years ago...

BTW for a BIG Famouse Site they lost the touch with Games and Gamers.

This Gen most sites went that way Gamespot, IGN, Kotaku and many more sites...

I dont trust any of them, i barely look at reviews, cause i dont care about what a guy that i even dont know tell me about a Game.

This Gen is the worst GEN i ever experienced...
-Fanboys and Trolls spread from nowhere
-Payed DLCs
-Prologs and Epilogs from Games as Payed DLC
-BUGED Games praised like God send Games
in the same time trash talking Good games
there are many points i would write down but it would be a waste of time...cause every Gamer knows these problems, at least i hope every one knows these...

midgard2272555d ago

why do people keep boasting about PC graphics, thats only relevant if u have a super gaming computer which is a very few select people. consoles are owned by the majority. i have a pc that runs crysis at high and am not willing to spend the extra money to get it on extreme.

now if cyris looked better at low on pc than it did on consoles then ur arguements wud be fine but its not the case.

i hate pc fanboys honestly, stfu and go upgrade ur videocard or somethin i think another one is coming out

Moragami2555d ago

Someone's jealous. And wrong. And rude.

Crysis 1 needed a super computer. Crysis 2 is actually much less demanding, basically because it was designed to run on your stupid little toy.

KeiserSosay47882555d ago

Actually, I've got a little 'ole GTS450 will probably be able to run crysis 2 DX11 med-high settings with good fps...much less demanding than the first...DX9 Very High=15-29 fps :(

P.S. that card is fairly cheap now and still runs better than my PS3 and 360 combined

shossofe2555d ago

Just a word of advice to break all of this "high-end" pc bullshit. A gaming PC would cost roughly $500-600 to be able to play games at max quality. Considering you already have an HDTV to plug that PC into anyways.

undercovrr2555d ago

"Buying Crysis on a console is like buying your favorite movie on beta. It makes no sense unless you're a collector"

Lol what? How about the fact that some people don't have the high end pc's to run Crysis 2 at full graphics. How about the fact that some people (like myself) prefer shooters on a controller and that's why I buy the ps3 version.

Gamer_Z2555d ago

Whatever, im still buying it for the PS3.

anticooper2555d ago

I really dont care, but i have to say that IGN has become a trolling site, craving for hits.Sad because i really liked them, before they picked a side in the fanboywar:-( crysis 2 is great on all platforms, so everybody wins,PEACE:-)

Dannagar2555d ago

I don't like using a mouse and Keyboard. I like playing games while laying in bed. I like playing games on my 65' LCD Samsung TV. And no, I'm not going to go though the trouble of connecting my Desk Top to my television. I hate DRM used in PC gaming now days.

Consoles Rule!!!

quadalupeupe2555d ago


360 came out 1 year earlier and more of its games run with higher resolution and frame rate

that 256mb on PS3 really hurts it :(

they should have gone with 8800gt technology, screw CELL and use AMD or Intel and 1gb of ram back then it would have cheaper technology since it was readily available. too bad :(

chriski3332555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

IGN needs to get banned all they ever say is xbox this xbox that its bullshit crysis 2 looks way better on the ps3

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KingPin2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

i feel the same way dude. like wtf?!! lmao wasnt there an article on N4G just the other day saying that crytek owned video game journalism proving that the ps3 version is just as solid? lmao- i dont know, but whatever. i own a ps3, if crysis sux i got the other option of playing killzone3 so im not really interested in all this crap. lol another thing, its IGN, they known for their xbox fanboyism, so is this really a surprise coming from them? lol

Jazz41082556d ago

People on n4g would never admit that and xbox game looks as good as a ps3 exclusive even if and when its fact. I didn't say it was better ibut I think it loos as good as kz3 and prolly better but uncharted is in another class and the 360 stll has not quitematched it. Close but almost but kz3 yes.

KingPin2556d ago


i get what you saying, sure, gamers on N4G do tend to be one sided. <not all of em, but there are a lot>. im not saying crysis on 360 doesn't look as good as the ps3 version, im just saying i got another alternative. But what i am saying is for journalists to show such bias is pathetic. The way they speak of crysis on 360 is like it outperforms the ps3 version by miles. like its a complete wipeout and poor ps3 gamers shouldnt even get the game.

kikizoo2555d ago

"People on n4g would never admit that and xbox game looks as good as a ps3 exclusive even if and when its fact. "

are you kidding, look around you, you'll find more multi account delusional troll believing than the game is on par with best ps3 exclusives (it's like hoping a ps2 game can equal the best xbox graphic)...and ps3 gamers, who can play both, can testify : kz3 is clearly better (like unbiased article said), more things on screen, better animation, etc

Schism202556d ago

If people care so much about this then rent both versions and test it out yourself. This is so ridiculous who cares which one looks better its the same game dam.

Omega Zues2555d ago

I know, you figured by now people would wise up and see past IGN bull #$%! but they still keep coming back.

SCW19822556d ago

Graphics crisper on 360 lighting better on PS3. Take your pick?

gamingdroid2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I will take neither, as I didn't really like the game personally...

It's issue was never the graphics, but game play for me.

9thNightvolley2556d ago

i guess at the end of it, it was noted that the GPU of 360 was better at graphics processing while the ps3 is more of a mathematical beast in share number crunching... either way great looking game..

kikizoo2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

...the ps3's gpu is almost the same, but the cpu is way more powerfull(memory is also better on ps3) and can be usefull for graphics !

it's the reason why you can see better graphics each years on ps3, and not a single game on xbox that can compete with them (on the graphic side)

"idealy the game should be the same on both consoles"

no, "idealy" the ps3 version should be better, like exclusives....but it's not interesting for them to do the "extra work" for that, time and money count more than gamers ;)

theonlylolking2555d ago

The first picture in this link shows the PS3 has better lighting.

GraySnake2555d ago

I'll take know why? Because those Crisp Graphics become dead with weak lighting and lighting makes a scene so much more imo.

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