Nintendo Installing 6,000 3DS Kiosks At U.S. Retail

In order to get the 3DS in potential buyers' hands so they can see the effect for themselves, Nintendo of America said Monday it plans on installing over 6,000 3DS demo kiosks at U.S. retailers over the next couple of months.

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eagle212705d ago

Nintendo is smart as heck. We can't show you in a commercial so we will literally SHOW you. This is what I'm talking about. So trolls, just shut up. Most will try before they buy and that will make the 3DS's huge success even that more hard for you to take. :)

KonaBro2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Of course Nintendo is going to have demo kiosks. That's the only way they CAN get word out for this. Besides, we all play video games. There's no reason to try and make a competition out of it. Jeez.

eagle212705d ago

my point excuses. People loved what they experienced so they purchased a 3DS. It's not some trick, the success is all real. :)