First Level Editor Screenshot For Super Meat Boy

TGH writes: Super Meat Boy has gotten a lot of love since it’s release (with good reason) and 5 months later Team Meat is still there supporting there baby. What’s coming down the pipe next? A level editor. Here’s the first image.

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ShadyDevil2824d ago

Level editor for this game will be quite insane, have to see how the whole upload and download thing works.

MightyMark4272824d ago

This will only add to the tons of content already on the game, Is This going to be free?

lpfisher2824d ago

No official word, but I can't imagine they'd charge for it. It seems like it would just be a patch

Megaton2824d ago

Gonna be patched into the PC version. Not coming to the 360 as far as I know. PC version lacks "Teh Internets". We're getting this instead.

AndrewRyan2824d ago

I've heard from the blog that they will be releasing Teh Internets with this handy tool!

Megaton2824d ago

Yeah, it acts as Teh Internets and much, much more.

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