Falcom Readying New PSP Legend of Heroes, Plans NGP RPG For Launch

Andriasang: Details from this this week's Dengeki PlayStation are leaking out in advance of the magazine's street date. It looks like the magazine has some big news for Falcom fans this week.

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banjadude2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

As long as they keep Xseed publishing the titles for North America/Europe, I will be happy. After what Namco-Bandai did with LOH 1-3 for PSP.... *shudders* they should never be allowed to translate the series.

JusenkyoGuide2461d ago

oh yeah bring on them jrpgs for the ngp and I'll buy one day one.

RedPawn2461d ago

Zero No Kiseke, HELL YES!!!

soren2460d ago

im geting the 3ds day one woooooooooooo!!!!!