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While many Japanese developer's American offices are dedicated to localization, Level 5's Santa Monica office is actually going to be working on games focused on the western market. The staff currently consists of 5 Japanese developers, but the studio intends to collaborate with local industry vets to produce something more in line with American tastes.

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Dart892456d ago

No no no i want JRPGS not americanized games.

Deeloc2456d ago


nicholaswrites2456d ago

Sorry, but Nintendo is a much more likely candidate for that

MaxXAttaxX2456d ago

Considering Level 5 and Sony have had a good connection for years, I'd say it's also very likely.

Stealth20k2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

All of you relax...........level 5 is still making japanese games in there japan office........

time traveller
fantasy life
the another world
layton vs pheonix
inazuma eleven 4

and we know they are working on dragon quest X wii

all recent that we know about. More japanese games are getting announced at there conference soon

Otheros002456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

They are using "western studios to make games catered to the west." Nothing to get upset over. They are still making Japanese games with their Japanese studios.

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