Crysis 2 Looks The Same On PS3 And XBOX 360 Here Is The Proof

So I used my own lens. I apologize that I had to use youtubevids, because I have the console versions and compare them to the screen and direct wouldnt be fair pc.

But as you can see, all images are created in 720p mode on youtube, so they are the same thing videowise. However, you will see:


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movements2589d ago

Really, guys. How many articles about this?

MaxXAttaxX2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The overall visuals (detail, lighting, contrast, etc) on PS3 look closer to the PC version than 360.
I don't like that harsh contrast on 360. Losing detail in dark areas is not my thing.

And this


Not exactly the same.

Objective2589d ago

Always knew that Sony devs have been pushing the PS3 much harder on the graphics department than 360 devs. Now comes a multiplatform dev to take the graphics crown and show that both systems can be pushed just as hard with equal results.

Hitman07692589d ago

Nice, let's see how it feels in our hands. They don't look the same in my opinion though. Look at this link:

RBLAZE19882589d ago

really man? Come on that is from the demo builds which are confirmed old builds. The retail versions of ps3 and 360 are 99.9% the same

Ninver2589d ago

ps3 version has been proven marginally better than the 360's. Why are fanboys trying to convince themselves otherwise?

Objective2589d ago

Proven by you I'm sure, hahahah!

ASTAROTH2589d ago

I have been playing it on my 360 and the game really looks awesome. Im not familiar with open world gameplay on FPS as I fell kinda lost. Also I dont think the gameplay is as good as some people have said. Anyways it almost looks on a KZ3 on 360 but the textures ( a thing everybody hailed) are bland and pixeletad. Also the shadows are amongst the worst I have seen with lots of pixelation and inacurate. Otherwise graphics are incredible. The best graphics on a 360 game. What I really like is that CRYSIS 2 proves that consoles, specially my old 360, are far from being maxed out.

Again it is not graphycally as good as KZ3 but I have to admit that the open world nature of the game requieres more. So after seeing it looks as good on the PS3... its a WIN/WIN for all of us GAMERS!!

TheShow012589d ago

360 was long maxed out ... what are you talking about ... the only reason 360 version looks exactly the as ps3 version is because the business portion and microsoft paying crytek millions to make both games identical ...... to keep people thinking xbox is just as good .. look ps3 is the better system ... just take a look at god of war 3, killzone 2 & 3 .. uncharted 1, 2,3 .. etc ...

ASTAROTH2588d ago

My brother Im a GAMER and I have all these game on my PS3... About a 100 games on my PS3. Yes these look better than any XBOX 360 game but my point is that with the rigth programing there still juice on the 360. As a long run competitor it will be behind the PS3 in terms of graphics but its nice to see some developers trying. I dont think MS pay anything. Its a developers choice. I like the PS3 more than my 360 just for the quality of my first party games and trophies but you have to give credit to CRYTEC for trying and stop being a fanboy...

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