Crysis Retrospective Review

Player Affinity writes: "With Crysis 2 coming out this week, it only seems appropriate to look back at the origins of the series: the original Crysis exclusive to PC. Crysis was a graphical tour de force for its time, and offered players tactical shooting bolstered by the "Nanosuit", giving choice to the gameplay. It's a landmark for PC gaming to be sure, but does it hold up today 4 years later? The short answer is yes, but Crysis may have gotten even better with time. "

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Thrillhouse2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

One of my favourite Crysis gameplays:

Crysis is one of those games that really shines when a player is given some freedom over how they play. Wanna play stealthy? You got it! Want to go Rambo and blow everthing up? You got that, too!

Love it :D