Nintendo 3DS Review (Tom's Guide)

Devin Connors from Tom's Guide reviews the Nintendo 3DS. The review is titled "Nintendo 3DS: Futuristic Handheld, Retro Battery". The hardware is examined as are four launch titles (LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Steel Diver and Madden Football.

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eagle212827d ago

This was an awesome review. Very detailed. One thing he pointed out that some people on n4G (lol) keep saying wrong is the size. The 3DS is almost the exact same size of the DS Lite and the DSi is longer (but 3DS thicker by mm's than DSi)...I wouldn't want any smaller. He has side by side pics and dimensions. It might get a sleeker cut, but this device is already small.

Masterchef20072826d ago

Nice review. It seems to me that the 3D tech in the 3DS needs some work though. They could improve the viewing agles a bit more. Plus the battery life could be a lot better which is the biggest dissapointment to me since Nintendo Handhelds are famous for having great battery life.

I owned a DS, DSI, DSLite in the past but i am passing up on the 3DS. And the reason is that 250€ seems like a high price to pay for a Nintendo handheld. And the battery life isnt worth it at the moment. Once the 3DS gets back to around 8 hours then i will start to consider buying it.

Very good review though. Tom always does a great job.