10 New Screenshots of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Running on Playstation 3

Not long ago Eidos Montreal kindly graced us with a stellar walkthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, wherein the intricacies of their multi-path/multi-solution gameplay were demonstrated with beauty and finesse. To showcase some of the more intriguing (and gruesome) portions of the trailer, we have captured 10 fresh screens of Adam Jensen in action.

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FrigidDARKNESS2587d ago

this game doesn't look good on the ps3.

tynam2587d ago

I was expecting good graphics, i was disappointed

Entropic2587d ago

I would definitely recommend watching the full video in HD; I think it looks pretty amazing.

guigsy2587d ago

It's just a different visual style. People think that good graphics mean looking as realistic as possible, not true.

tynam2587d ago

ok, i watched the video, it still looks bad

ps3bestever2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

looks ugly on ps3

vsr2587d ago

Because It is compromised for xbox as usual

RedDead2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

One thing that turns me off this game is the 'press button to kill'.

For example, in this demo it was: Stand behind this guy. Press X for lethal or press O for non lethal takedown

In Deus Ex 1 it was, pick a stun baton...or pick a weapon. And do it yourself. It just add's way more challange and doesn't feel like a gimmick...

bozebo2587d ago

Why do people care about graphics when it's Deus Ex? Just from the screenshots I can tell they are trying to style it (in terms of gameplay and artistic presentation) to feel like the original - which is a good thing in every way.

If they made it really photorealistic and whatnot no doubt that would take away from focus on important things like gameplay, level design and story.

bozebo2587d ago

Oh also, not really a confirmation but:

It appears it supports dx11 (and tessellation) on pc.

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