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The latest in a series better known for its graphical prowess than its gameplay, Killzone 3 is one of Sony’s system shifters. It’s a first person shooter, the bad guys wear gas masks and clothes with red trim and it has an action style somewhere between Call of Duty and Halo. This is the kind of thing that sells in the millions with a little marketing, and Sony have put a lot of resources into making sure everyone knows that KZ3 is playable in 3D and has eye-wateringly good visuals.

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joab7772797d ago

I guess if u go into looking for flaws, u can make them outweigh the pros that make this game a Juggernaut. Ill admit that sp story was uninspired but the MP is astonishingly good. Also, check ur controller settings if u don't like them, they pretty much allow u to change everything. I just wish ppl were as willing to find the obvious flaws in cod or halo. But, nah, no way that will happen

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Bathyj2797d ago

"The latest in a series better known for its graphical prowess than its gameplay"

Stopped reading right there.

Y'know the graphics WOW, runs out fairly quickly. Its the Holy sh*t, bullets flying over my head, f*^k me that was close, gameplay that keeps me coming back.

And even though I stopped reading, my milise3cond glance at the first paragraph caught this as well.

"it has an action style somewhere between Call of Duty and Halo."

Really? Why? Because thats all your limited imagination can come up with to draw comparisons to?

God I hate these hacks.

The reason I love Killzone is because it feels different to all other shooters.

Why not just go back to the day when you'se called every FPS a Doom clone if you've run out of adjectives to use, or maybe get a job that doesnt involve writing.

Close_Second2797d ago

KZ2 felt different to other shooters. The controls for KZ3 don't.

KZ3 is a mixed bag for me. Excellent graphics and audio used to cloak a tired single player campaign. Honestly, the stealth level was plain average but looked simply stunning...except for the bitmap looking grass you had to crawl through.

skrug2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

KZ3 had a lot of variety through out the campaign.

Shooting -> jet pack-> turrent-> snipping-> stealth -> driving -> mech- zero grav-> space aero combat

ElDorado2797d ago

Another idiotic review. Thuderbolt just ruined the 85 score on metacritic by giving Killzone 3 a 5 out of 10. Damn, reviews these days can't be objective at all. We shouldn't even read this crap. Killzone 3 is a Tiple A FPS.

Bathyj2797d ago

Are you for real?

Funny how all these joke scores get on Metacritic but the dozens of 10's Ive seen somehow dont make it?

Kurt Russell2797d ago

Omfg to war nerds! How on earth are you meant to enjoy your game if its metacritic rating has dropped?!

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