Latest Rayman 3D footage disappoints analyse some new footage for Ubisoft's Rayman 3D, a port of 1999's Rayman 2, a game that appeared for the DS launch back in 2004.

"So why should you buy the 3DS version instead of hunting down on an old copy of Rayman DS? Well in all honesty you probably shouldn’t."

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kingdavid2590d ago

How many times can ubi milk the same game?

sashimi2590d ago

Until everyone stops caring about it unfortunately.

Michael-Jackson2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I just searched wiki and it has been on 10 platforms, lame, Ubisoft is just lazy and cheap to make a new Rayman 3d platformer since 2003.

newn4gguy2590d ago

It's out now. I just saw it with a few other 3DS titles here at Walmart. None of the ones out yet look good. Maybe I'll just get Pilot Wings Resort.

Kroganwrex2590d ago

It didn't disappoint me, looks a hell of a lot better than the Ds version.

treesmurf112590d ago

That's hardly the kind of thing that should sell a game though is it?

Corrwin2590d ago

Ubisoft? Making a disappointing game? Say it ain't so!

Also, this is the first time ever that somebody has recommended Rayman DS. It's not a bad port, but the controls were horrible.

treesmurf112590d ago

Well it's not so much a Rayman DS recommendation, just a way of saying Rayman 3D really isn't worth the money.

2588d ago