World in Conflict - New York 1989 Trailer

The fight for freedom is more important than ever, now that the war front is in New York City.

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reaperxciv3575d ago

it's only lack is it has no skirmish mode
i completed the campaign on hard difficulty.

jaja14343574d ago

Yea I thought it was to easy. I beat the entire thing on hard without losing once. But the MP is fantastic. Ohh and the CGI scene were they attack Liberty god that was good. Perfect song too.

reaperxciv3574d ago

all those chalks under attack from SAMs, chaff & flares effects, awesome!

progx3574d ago

The limited or collectors edition w/e its called has a piece of the Berlin wall, thats awesome.

risk3574d ago

i just picked this up for $30cdn from a forum, cant wait to own people in Multiplayer again (i was in the beta)