Vanquish Review | Mad Overdose writes: I recently got my hands on Vanquish after remembering it had released some time ago and I was feasting for a new game. Forty bucks later, I was speeding like a mofo over robot corpses in enjoyment. Not only because the game is good, but because it’s a shooter that’s far different, far better.

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Parapraxis2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Such a fun game.
Hope a sequel comes our way soon!

MP would make it a redonkulously solid title. Though even without it, for a new TPS title it is one of the best games made in the genre this gen.

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Venox20082379d ago

one of the best shooters I've played! :)

TardcoreGamer2379d ago

I'm glad someone else recognized this brilliant shooter. Loved the demo but at the time I already had Reach pre-ordered. I'll probably pick this one up before KZ3 C2 and HF.