From the Nostalgia Network - Ocarina of Time

"This is my favorite game of the Legend of Zelda series, which is a good thing because I played it through in 25 hours during my Legend of Zelda marathon. Keep in mind, it has probably been 10+ years since I have touched this game, so it was for all intents and purposes a fresh run through."

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Solid_Snake-2675d ago

i recently played this again for the hundredth time maybe half a year ago and its probably one of the nostalgia games that still could stand with the rest of rpg's today.

its still as epic as the day i got it ( a week early as my dads girlfriend worked at choices video ) ( are choices still around in the uk )

bwazy2675d ago

Seriously, this is (for nostalgic and absolute perfectious reasons), the best game of ALL TIME. I NEVER wanted it to end. EVER. But it did.... SO i played it another 12 times. It now sits lost in my attic in a box.... I'm going to frame it when I get back from University.

eagle212675d ago

It's an example of perfect design. It's so rewarding and you really feel like the Hero Of Time. :)