In Soviet Russia – Xbox Destroys You

Ripten:FPS Russia. Part gamer, part gunman, part Russian, all madman. In his latest video he shows us how to handle a red-ringed Xbox 360.

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Kevin ButIer2587d ago

For god sake, I just hope he doesn't do some "trickshots" with MS employees after his 6th xbox

JohnnyBadfinger2587d ago

and he failed to plug the AV cable into the back of the xbox thus resulting in red ring... i can make my 360 red ring on demand by pulling out the plug.

How is it funny though? if anything it shows how well made and how structurally sound the console is... so for those reasons i like.

Doubt it is his 5 xbox... seriously after 2 i think its a sign to give up gaming and focus on your career

Solid_Snake-2587d ago

he sounds like he wants me to abort my mission and take him for a drink or go and work for his taxi company.

lol gta4

DoctorXpro2588d ago

let me guess, sony fan trolls approving this.

captain-obvious2587d ago

actually FPS Russia is an xbox guy
look him up on youtube
he plays COD on his xbox and post it on his youtube account

2587d ago
Stewie2k82587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Maybe, but only fantards like you would bring it up.

lochdoun2583d ago

shut up!! you are the stupidest fangirl I have ever seen on this site.

Nostradavis2587d ago

In Soviet N4G, news reports you.

Lekumkee2587d ago

That accent is hilarious, it's like a bad Jim Carry Russian impersonation.

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The story is too old to be commented.