Crysis 2 – TDM Multiplayer on Terminal Map Gameplay

Check out some chaotic action of Crysis 2′s multiplayer on the Terminal map.

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DrHouse2380d ago

Someone needs to remind this COD noob that there is no Marathon Pro in Crysis. (marathon pro allows unlimited sprint)

Static-X2379d ago

So just because he moves around a lot, He's a COD noob?

Would you rather watch gameplay with him sitting in a corner lol

Active Reload2379d ago

People don't seem to understand that it's all about the suit...leveling up the suit.

RBLAZE19882379d ago

yea. How well was he doing in this match? He was getting owned cause he was running around playing it like it was cod instead of switching between cloak and armor to win the fire fight. You guys are getting all offended but the fact is if he knew what he was doing he would do a lot better and not die so much

BiggCMan2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Did some of you even watch the entire video?? He only died like 3 times, and got plenty of kills. The problem was that he wasn't picking up his dog tags after getting the kills. That, in a sense kind of shows he may possibly be a so called "CoD noob". Doesn't mean he is, just a possibility. Many people are used to getting kill streak rewards without doing anything but killing. Just watch the middle of the video, he was right next to 2 dog tags from different enemies, and he walked right passed them, wtf?

Theonetheonly2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

- ̿̿̿ ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/ 9;̿'̿ ̿

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undercovrr2379d ago

I think he's playing pretty good. Moving around alot is a great strategy in an open map like this

jwk942379d ago

Are there more than 5 primary weapons in the game?

RatherHavaBigGirl2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

maybe he likes to move around, have fun and test his reflexes. cod haters bring up cod more than cod players themselves smh. for real, stop it. every shooter that comes out here comes some cod hater saying things like:

"the controls are responsive. its a cod clone. hardcore gamers play with input lag" (yea tell that to a socom follower)

"he was moving while shooting! what a noob. a skilled player secures a position(camp)"

"it has guns. its like cod"

jriquelme_paraguay2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

if you run, you are a CoD Noob...
If you dont... you are a camper...

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bobrea2379d ago

Wasn't a fan of Crysis 1's multiplayer and wasn't a fan of Crysis 2's multiplayer, and I played it on PS3, 360, and my PC. Here's to hoping for a great single player experience.

LightofDarkness2379d ago

Looks like they fixed that weird delayed death bug.

zeksta2379d ago

Crysis had amazing Multiplayer, similar to which of Battlefield almost, but this Crysis... Doesn't cut it.

Crysis, was a pretty open world Mutliplayer game, this just feels like Call of Duty with Invisibility and Juggernaut.

Shackdaddy8362379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Crysis 1 was full of hackers, snipers who camped a mile away, and vehicle hoarders. Basically if you got a vehicle, you became invincible.

There is a reason why hardly anyone plays the multiplayer for that game... It sucked.

maxmill2379d ago

this really looks like COD and halo, not my forte

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