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Nitrowolf22801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Guessing it has to do with Americas history with Slavery. And also wtf, this is the first time i even noticed there was a zombie hanging there, never paid much attention to it.

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Eternus2801d ago

I think it has more to do with the fact that's its a hanging body in itself lol, which would be considered taboo for a boxart, not slavery.

jjohan352801d ago

Jeez if this is happening in North America, I wonder if the game will even be available in Australia.

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gaden_malak2801d ago

Do you people not even know what lynching is? How old are you?

I'm not even American and I know the relevance and why it is banned.

Eternus2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Not sure if you were referring to me, but I'll answer anyway. Of course I know what lynching is, but that doesn't mean that it was banned 100% for that reason. Stop acting like you know the reason for sure, get out of here.

I'm black, just so you know.

gaden_malak2801d ago

Of course it was banned for that. And no I wasn't replying to you.

thisguywithhair2800d ago


The color of your skin has absolutely nothing to do with this argument and I am trying to figure out why you think it would. It doesn't make your statement any more valid and may in fact take away your credibility as it make it seem like you have such a bad argument that you have to bring your race into it just to keep face.

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UP2801d ago

I like how people bash america for this change when this game is getting fully band in other countries like many other games.

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UP2801d ago

misspelling a word or two does not reflect your intelligence.

cr33ping_death2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

who gives a shit what country is better. every country has its problems... lets leave it at that... im in the U.S and the more art the better. this is just one more reason why censorship sucks.

edit:judging by the disagrees apparently theres a fucking utopia out there somewhere.

VenomProject2801d ago


Wow, what a struggling attempt at an insult.

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nickjkl2800d ago

gore and violence to a point is allowed on tv

you cant broadcast some one being decapitated but you can imply thats what happened

a boob is okay but breast with nipples gets censored

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WetN00dle692801d ago

Ohhh, well if i were them id censor it as well......i mean not unless that represents a survivor that couldnt hack it no more and found the easy way out, Who the heck would hang a zombie??

-Alpha2801d ago

Maybe it's not a zombie. Maybe a man didn't want to fight and decided to hang himself.

-Alpha2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

This changes everything.

New one looks lame in comparison though. The original was very clever, took a whole to notice it too.

Don't see the point of censoring it, even if it has to do with American history.

I'll just draw a red line lol

BiggCMan2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Yea, its just gonna be terrible now :/

Oh by the way, the new cover kind of negates the point of the tree being there. Thats funny though "draw a red line" haha.

zootang2801d ago

New one looks like a guy that is drunk in miami, lol.

Nitrowolf22801d ago

i'm thinking they could have kept it an simply change the I to look less like a body and erase the red line. I think it still would have looked better then the new one. Thats how i've been seeing it the whole time anyway

esemce2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Of course its not a hanging zombie but a suicide. Plus the USA's KKK history of lynching. Seems to many people think all video games and animation are for kids.

Bathyj2801d ago

I'm thinking this game might have alot of dark humour.

Maybe they want to remove all of that too.

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