I have high hopes for SOCOM 4, do you?

The Gamer Sheep website has posted a column expressing both love for what SOCOM 2 was and hope for what SOCOM 4 will be.

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arizona-techgeek2706d ago

I'm not sure people want a tactical shooter.

-Alpha2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Hence the Respawn mode to please non-Socom fans.

I hear a lot of complaints from core Socom fans who claim to be vets, and I am sympathetic to that. However, as a newcomer, I have no expectations other then excitement at trying something new.

While I am a newcomer, I want to experience what this game is known for, so I'm hoping hardcore fans get what they are asking for so in turn I can experience a very different shooter from what I am used to.

Regardless of what happens I am going to experience SOCOM for the first time and I do have high hopes for it

hardcorehippiez2705d ago

if you want to get into the way of socom alpha try out confrontation , as others have said it was terrible at the start but after a few patches they smoothed it out. its the closest to socom 2 on this generation but unfortunately theres a load of cheaters at the moment. am hoping they will move on to the next thing soon and leave confrontation alone as it is a damn fine tactical shooter experience. socom 4 , i cant wait to try it and maybe zipper have updated it well ,i dont know yet but time will tell.

Esena2706d ago

O people want a tactical shooter...I'm just not sure if the majority do.

Tactical shooters for me all the way. Respawn modes are fun to begin with, to learn the ropes, but the satisfaction fades quickly. No respawn encourages you to take your time, think your actions through and don't just run aimlessly. You are more careful, thus you are more encouraged to work with your team! :)

telekineticmantis2706d ago

tactical gameplay, COD, Battlefield. Socom is just the pinnacle of this type of gameplay.

CyberCam2706d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

COD a tactical shooter??? LOL!

What is so tactical about running around an arena with your head cut off like a chicken, shooting everything in sight???

I have never come across any player using his/her mic in COD to call out enemies or tactics... only to trash talk and/or shoot the breeze.

Elwenil2705d ago

Agreed, CoD is about as tactical as Sonic. What's with this new generation of players anyway? You can tell most of them have never played the original Rainbow Six games, Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint, ARMA, Joint Ops, etc. Anyone who thinks ANY CoD game is even slightly tactical has no idea what the word really means.

-Alpha2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

The game needs some good marketing. It's been flying under the radar yet it's a sequel to PS2's staple online franchise.

And more then just a predictable KB ad where KB ends up getting more air-time than the game. It needs its own ad to set the tone:

^I wouldn't mind a remake of the last one

CyberCam2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Agreed! Although, I still want to see some KB awesomeness too!

Those commercials are classics, especially the first & third.

louievillalobos2706d ago

I'm going to stay in classic mode. That is the brilliance of SOCOM.

Schism202706d ago

I have very high hopes for this game. Expecting it to be a real skillful shooter.

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