Homefront - Ending HD

Of course, spoilers. The ending cinematic for Homefront. Find out what happens. Homefront 2? Maybe.

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Blaze9292459d ago

Terrible single-player game. Best part was the part where you were on the bus....NOT doing anything.

ProA0072459d ago

how's the multiplayer? They say its the best part

JasonXE2459d ago

WAY better than the campaign that's for sure.

Myst2459d ago

When it works the multiplayer is great.

djreplay2459d ago

The campaign is very short and has to be played on hard difficulty first time round to last 6 hours.

The MP is ok but sadly the game is horrible to look at, after going from KZ 3 to this it really does look like a PS2 game apart from a few instances with some nice lighting.

ProA0072459d ago

I'll wait till I see this for under $20

dkgshiz2459d ago

Not sure how this game is so popular. Its pretty mediocre. The SP campaign is awfully short. You could easily beat it in 3 hours.

TOSgamer2459d ago

What The Hell? This is considered news now? Posting ending to games on youtube? Who approves this shat?

Dlacy13g2459d ago

I totally agree TOSgamer... not only is it merely a youtube posting of a video of part of the game but it is a forum post on top of that. What the hell N4G? Do the people approving articles even bother to actually click and make sure its legit? Never mind answered my own question.

MODS please take this article down as its not news..its just a forum post.

bwazy2459d ago

"This is Connor"

"The machines have returned!"


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The story is too old to be commented.