Socom 4 - Scrum & Community Day Classic Gameplay HD

From the currently private beta of Socom 4, Zipper - following the schedule - updated the playlists with new multiplayer modes to try out. Check out footage of the final two game modes from the beta (at least for the Week of March 15th): Scrum and Community Day Classic.

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Blaze9292676d ago

Doesn't look like two very important modes. Just custom matches.

2676d ago
thebudgetgamer2676d ago

it opens for psn+ tommorow?

Schism202676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

yea or you could just wait two more weeks so you don't have to get ps plus

thebudgetgamer2676d ago

i already have it, so no need to wait.

Silly gameAr2676d ago

Hell yeah. I can't wait to try it out.

thebudgetgamer2676d ago

yea, i was never a socom guy (ps2 was never connected to the internet) but i am looking forward to this.

04soldier2676d ago

^^^ You missed out. Socom online was what Halo did for online Mp on the ps2

LevDog2676d ago

Buddy has it.. Says doesnt feel like old Socoms.. Cross hairs suck, nades suck, and the camera is too close.. Hopefully they fix those problems when it comes out..

He has been playing since S1 so I trust his judgment.. I got my code from kz3 so it will be a week or so

metsgaming2676d ago

yea in tps you should really see the entire body unless your zoomed in. They should really fix that and move the camera back.

LevDog2676d ago

Ive been been playing since 2.. So flow of the game and feel of the game is huge..

The videos are hit and miss for me..

sickbird2676d ago

Todays game modes are GARBAGE.

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The story is too old to be commented.