Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Story Trailer Exclusive Premiere

Ratchet & Clank thought they were on hiatus, but when Dr. Nefarious' latest scheme goes haywire, they'll find themselves back in action and fighting alongside their archenemy. Check out this exclusive story trailer for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

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xabmol2588d ago

Hate to say it, but I've never felt so "meh" about a R&C game. :/

I think the standard formula was getting a bit stale and they needed a change in direction/pace. However, this is not the direction I wanted. I want a more (Don't kill me) Deadlocked direction. I want a more challenging "hardcore" platformer within the R&C universe. Just so much potential! This just seems to be catering to the "Heroes on the Move" casual crowed. The party game style game-play just doesn't look all that impressive...

BiggCMan2588d ago

A Crack In Time had a lot of cool new things in it that made it different than the rest man. You don't completely change the formula to a beloved series. The formula is fantastic the way it is. We all love the crazy weapons, hilarious dialog, wacky characters etc.. Its what Ratchet & Clank is all about, and Insomniac would be stupid to change it. They have kept all of that with All 4 One, but also added 4 player co-op which is a great feature. What I feel they should bring back, either in this game or the next, is the competitive multiplayer from Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked.

Cajun Chicken2588d ago


I liked Gladiator too, it's a really cool game, fast paced shooting like MDK, more third person shooter than platformer probably a bit misdirected, but Future series got it just right and yes! We need real multiplayer! Someone get High Impact Games on the phone to remake all 4 PS2 games in HD!

The best R&C for me, is R&C2, the amount of variety in that game is fantastic.

I'm all for more R&C though. I just love the universe! At least we know it's going to be better than Playstation Move Heroes!

erathaol2588d ago


At the risk of disagrees, I agree with you. Doesn't seem like they tried that hard with this one's story. Could just be the trailer be so horrid though. Has a cheesy non-pixar disney movie vibe to it.

xabmol2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


"We all love the crazy weapons..." Yes.
"hilarious dialog..." Indeed.
"wacky characters etc.." Yup
"Its what Ratchet & Clank is all about..." NO. No it's not. It's also about Kick-ass platforming integrated with tight TPS controls, ...and puzzles somewhat complex ones at times. That's what they need to focus on and enhance, IMO.
"and Insomniac would be stupid to change it." No change makes anything stagnant and boring in time.


I agree. DL needed to mix in the platforming with the shooting a lot more, but that would probably make the game too difficult for some to have a complex arena to fight in and as a company they need to maximize sales. I think that's why the R$C games tend to be on the easy side of the gaming spectrum. I love the games, but I love a good challenge too, Mang!!


I'm not too worried about the story. It's the "Party Game" vibe I get every time I see any info on this title. The game-play seems to be heading in the exact opposite of where I'd enjoy it the most.

And like I said in 7.1, "It would've been cooler if they used the standard, smoked 5 packs a day, movie guy voice."

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ForzaGT2588d ago

this looks to be a great coop game

El-Fenemeno12132588d ago

Guess I'm purchasing two games from Insomniac this fall =D

-Alpha2588d ago

Looks good, but is this a spin-off or something? Thought they said they were done with R&C

belal2588d ago

they are not done with ratchet and clank, but they are done with the tools series. it will be more ratchet and clank, but a new trilogy. tools is over.

BiggCMan2588d ago

So, you know Tools was only one game right? The games on PS3 were called "Future" because they moved to PS3. So the "Future" series may be done yes, and they may move on to a different story arc which is fine with me, I love Ratchet & Clank.

belal2587d ago

oh my bad, i meant future series.

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