The Ten Best DS Games

Nintendo released their dual screen portable, the Nintendo DS, on November 21, 2004, breaking away from the ultra-popular Gameboy series that made portable gaming a viable market. It has been over six years since the release of the DS, and since then, a plethora of great games have released on the platform. Carl B. and Robbie P. of have put together a list of all the greatest games on the DS that will be released in a multi-part article the weeks leading up to the 3DS launch. Numbers ten through one follow.

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Supman2709d ago

The ds used to always comfort me when my 360
got red light.....
BYE BYE DS! I'll miss you........

Now whos gonna be there for me
when halo sucks?

Dark_Charizard2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

If one replaces TLoZelda Spirit Tracks with Phantom Hourglass, everything falls into place. FINALLY Castlevania DoS is getting the recognition it deserves!

Also, Pokemon HGold/SSilver at #2!

anthem2709d ago

I loved wario touch I just can't play a whole game on a hand held