Interview with LUGE from THE TESTER---- THE BITT

Here is an interview when I sat down with Lauren AKA Luge from Season 1 of The Tester.

Luge is known for being on the pilot season of Sony’s reality show The Tester. She also has credit of a Guiness World Record under her belt, holding the record of longest time playing a single game with User Created Levels. The game of choice was Little Big Planet.

Aside from being on TV and in the Guiness Book of World Records, Luge also has a website and youtube channel where she post videos of gameplay and information on different games out for the Playstation 3 and PS Home. Be sure to check out the interview below.

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Hitman07692801d ago

Luge is awesome, I like your style of interviewing Venomous you do great work!

UNCyrus2801d ago

Yay! Big fan of Lauren's

JOLLY12801d ago

I wonder if people that are fans of her are called Lugers.... I kid, I kid.

newn4gguy2801d ago

She seemed like a nice enough sort. Do I want her doing QA for my product though? God, no!

I think The Tester is an absolute joke. Cyrus and Gaymer were obviously the only people who could actually do that job well. I feel like they get one good person on the show and the others are there for entertainment purposes.

UNCyrus2801d ago

Well, glad you liked me :)

newn4gguy2801d ago

Haha. Come on. Everyone did.

mastershredder2801d ago

Watch out dude! You are going to upset some of the teeny day dreamers that eat this as factual and unscripted/uninfluenced. Oh crap I just did it myself!

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