If PC Gaming Is Dying Let's See Hard Facts

Platform Nation have the 2010 global video game sales figures.

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pangitkqb2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I think the title says it all, and Kudos to Sony's PS3 for generating the most Revenue of ANY Platform. Anyway I love gaming on console, but how does that mean PC is dead?

With literally millions playing Facebook games alone, how is PC gaming as a platform doing nothing but grow?

Steam is growing in leaps and bounds...because PC gaming is dying? How does that work?

The fact that growth is possible - and probable - on most current platforms is obvious. Gaming, despite the world economy, is still leading the wave of future entertainment, whether on console, PC, or mobile.

BlackKnight2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I don't get this chart. Does this mean PS3 gamers buy games that are collectors editions and so on (more than 60 bucks) more than 360 users? Or Sony does not discount new games as fast as MS does?

360 sold more new games at retail but made less money. With 60 bucks being standard, that is an interesting stat.

According to the stats, the average PS3 game is sold for $49.61 while the average 360 game is sold for $48.28. Goes to show how many people buy games brand new once MS or Sony drops below the 60 dollar mark!

2800d ago
Bear_Grylls2800d ago

I would like to know why the contributer tagged this article Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, PSP2, Wii, Xbox 360.

It is only a PC article!

Soldierone2800d ago

Sony sells more at a profit. Exclusives, not paid for exclusive content, and overall just better sales at full price.

MS sells millions by spending millions, thus they make less money.

LightofDarkness2800d ago


No one ever quoted profit margins, we're all talking about pure revenue here. Which is funny, because you mention profit in your comment and then continue to talk about it like they're interchangeable terms.

hay2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Source: VGChartz.

PC Gaming Alliance indicates PC revenue grows each year by around 20%. http://www.pcgamingalliance...
I call this article as bullshit. Revenue at 5 billion? Yeah, if you're counting China alone.

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damnyouretall2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

i priced a tower that can run battlefield 3 like a beast and it was close to 2,000. i decided to be patient and buy both sonys and ms next gen consoles. would be cheaper and you would own both. long wait but im cool. pc gaming wont die im sure, its just for the more hardcore gamers. anyways pc gaming paves the way for next gen. we kinda need it

Motion2800d ago

Well, you could easily build a $2k rig if you wanted to, but to be honest, you could also build one that will run BF3 for well under $1k. By build though, I mean order and assemble parts -not configure on alienware's website :)

vsr2800d ago

Very Sad , But PS3 wins

Motion2800d ago

I don't think they're saying PC gaming is dead, they are saying quite the opposite -to the naysay of console fanboys. They are using the stats on that page to illustrate how PC gaming couldn't be further from dead.

BeOneWithTheGun2800d ago

I think its a contradiction in terms to have the words 'hard facts' in front of a vgcharts logo.

MagicAccent2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

PC gaming is dying yes, but so is the universe.

So is it going to die today? Hardly. Tomorrow? Unlikely. Someday? Certainly.
Will you go on claiming it until it's gone? Repeatedly. Frequently.

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thebudgetgamer2800d ago

no form of gaming is dying, no one has said pc is dying in quite some time.

jakethesnake2800d ago

Actually, people say it all the time. No one intelligent has said it in quite some time however.

SnakeMustDie2800d ago

Until PSN and XBL can compete with Steam, PC gaming won't die. There are a lot of people still gaming on the PC and that's what many fanboys tried to ignore.

Games like CS and SC are still played till this day. Mods prolonged the lasting appeal of games just look at DotA.

Although this gen PC gamers get unoptimized console ports, there are many hidden gems that are starting to get recognized like Witcher and Amnesia that are miles better than most of the so called triple A console titles.

stevenhiggster2800d ago

I've recently become a bit of a PC fanboy, dunno why, I've had the same rig for 4 years now but never really gamed on it. I built it to play Crysis, played Crysis then went back to the PS3.
But recently, with some of the cracking offers on Steam, and the fact that I want to play Crysis 2 on the PC I've been well back into PC gaming, I havent touched the PS3 in weeks!
Just ordered my new graphics card too, so its PC gaming all the way from now on. Thanks mostly to Steam's awesome deals.

Soldierone2800d ago

I actually think you can thank PSN and XBL for the "success" of Steam. If it wasn't for those two, people wouldnt be as compfortable with Steam. Less developers would support it as they didnt see a need for it at first. They see how succesful PSN and XBL got and how easy it was to make money.

Plus I wouldnt call games like Witcher better than "AAA" console exclusives. I played it and it wasn't godly. im not saying PC exlclusives suck by anymeans.

SnakeMustDie2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Well its better than most of the console games which I mentioned but of course there are console games that are great as well.

I have to agree that both PSN and XBL used to compete with Steam but with things happening on both Network Services now like the Price Hike for the XBL and exclusive PS+ features like Cloud. I have to declare Steam as superior to both. But I never said that PSN and XBL are irrelevant although they cannot compete with Steam in their current state which I hope Sony and MS can improve upon.

stevenhiggster2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I think you'll find Steam has been around a lot longer than XBL and PSN and was fairly successful before they came around. More and more publishers use it nowadays but I think that is more because they would be stupid not to, rather than anything to do with consoles.

Soldierone2800d ago

I never said it didnt come first. I know it came first, I didnt like using it at all. Developers were not using it and it was a pain. It wasn't really going anywhere beyon being a network similar to Xfire and so on.

The MS got XBL extremely popular and fast and these network things started to sound interesting. It wasnt until Sony started hyping PSN that Steam really kicked into full gear.

I dont understand how saying that is degrading Steam in any way. Its simply giving credit where credit is due. Also why I find PC "fanboys" some of the most annoying fanboys there is. Anything and everything with console in the sentance is auto thrown out the door and not given a chance at all.

Masterchef20072800d ago

Far from it. Even though the devs make a ton of money off console games they will continue to produce games for the PC.

Godmars2902800d ago

PC gaming wasn't dieing, but it changed where high-profile titles required system upgrades. Doom 3 and Crysus 1 *were* the death of how games were made on PC, but that's long done.

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