TOP 10: When gaming goes wrong.

"Fat, ugly, lacking any form of social skills, living in his mother’s basement. That is the general stereotype of a video game player. But there are some gamers out there, some people who just couldn’t stand this stereotype being forced on them anymore. So they decided to make things right. And they went into killing sprees."

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Ares842745d ago

I'm a gamer, been a gamer all my life. I'm 26 years old at the moment and living together with my gf. But I could never, ever in a million years could hurt any of my relatives or even other people over video games. There is just no way. Arguing over video games is such a nonsence. These stories are terrible and these people should be put away or maybe tortured and than killed. People like these should not be alive.

undercovrr2745d ago

agreed, people like this deserve the death penalty

B_Rian892745d ago

very disturbing stories

Dysmorphic2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

This has to be the most atrociously written article I've ever read. Not to be conceited but I've been writing better since the fifth grade. Improving sentence structure and grammar goes a long way into making a much more pleasurable reading experience.

On topic: It's saddening to know how the act of taking a life can be instigated through something as petty as videogames.

aaronobst2745d ago

I saw the word "latter" far too many times

B_Rian892745d ago

haha I was going to make a comment about that

banjadude2745d ago

This is why we can't have nice things... these animals are ruining it for the rest of us!

SlyFoxC2745d ago

that is just sad to read! but the fact that there are gamers out there that would kill for video games,does not mean all gamers are like that. I have played video games all my life, i would never hurt anyone for turning off my game (happens all the time, we call it a drive by), and i could never kill anyone over a video game! Sure gamers can get some pretty hardcore gamer rage, but i would say 99% of the gamers would never go as far as killing someone over a game.

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