PlayStation Move Sharpshooter Review

So you got your Killzone 3, you got your new 3D TV, you got your Move controller, should you take the extra step in purchasing the Sharp Shooter?

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gameguru2822d ago

man i didn't know if this thing even existed, HOLYSHIT this is awesome!!!

electricshadow2822d ago

My friend is bringing this over Saturday night to play some co-op Killzone 3. I'm so excited to try this out.

HeavenlySnipes2822d ago

then be disappointed when you find out you can only play split-screen coop with two dualshock controllers. Move is only for one player.

electricshadow2822d ago

Really?! Ugh, oh well, haha. I guess we'll take turns then. Thanks for heads up!

cochise3132822d ago

I love the sharpshooter. I aim better with it than i do with the move alone.

Bathyj2822d ago

Its just so much more realistic.

Especially on long shots, where you have to hold steady and squeeze just one round off.

The headshot squelch never sounded so satisfying.

cochise3132822d ago

yes, kills are much more satisying with the sharpshooter. The immersion is second to none.

Bathyj2822d ago

Mine is red, with no stickers on it. :)

Has I keep saying, using SS and going back to a DS3 is like playing GT5 with a G25 and then trying to go back to the pad.

Why would you?

dragon822822d ago

You paint it yourself??

Bathyj2822d ago

No, bought it like that on eBay.

Its official Sony, it might be an Asian model. Looks alot better than this one, plus no one ever mentions, it has a nice weight too with the move and the nav in it.

dragon822822d ago

I have the grey version. You are right about the wieght with the move and nav controllers in it. It feels really nice in your hands while playing.

ryan4612822d ago

Yeah I enjoy it a lot. Not sure how well it will go with online players and their DS3s. Its nice to be so precise when taking shots.

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