Rare Gran Turismo 5 Kit Selling for Pretty Penny

Jon Ireson writes: "If you want to get your hands on the coveted Gran Turismo 5 Media Kit package now you can! This comes with a black metallic case (ooo pretty), the game itself, a disc with GT5 Media content and information, the GT5 art book, a GT5 metallic key chain, and an 'information brochure' from the development studio.

The seller claims you can get it at an "unbelievable" price, and I agree. It's unbelivably expensive. Personally I'm not big on collecting but if you are then you may want to head over to this sale and check it out."

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Hitman07692554d ago

Wow, who would pay that much for one game? And some metal is included, yipee!!!

I can understand the Art book being a great thing and the other disc of information is probably videos available elsewhere, but the metal case and keychain plus those two objects just doesn't make it seem worth this price to me.

TheKindRoost2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

haha,if people can sell a four decades old rotten sandwich for thousands of dollars, then why not this?

Dart892554d ago

To much for my taste.

hiredhelp2553d ago

Dart89.. To much for my taste.

Then may i temp you sir to a' four decades old rotten sandwich..?


SpaceSquirrel2554d ago

That's a lot of coin to spare

PhoenixDevil2554d ago

I have to say I want it just for the special GT wallet, but yh little expensive :P

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The story is too old to be commented.