Total War: Shogun 2 - The Best Of It's Kind (Hooked Gamers)

The team at Creative Assembly have definitely attempted to make Shogun 2 look and feel just right. Right from the initial opening cinematic, the game sets about putting the gamer into the shoes of a prospective Shogun. The visuals are just stunning, with wide open landscapes which can be decimated with stricken corpses during a long and arduous battle, beautiful cherry blossom trees scattered throughout a snowy terrain. Even the loading screens are superbly painted and indeed could have come straight out of a Japanese art gallery.

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bunfighterii2558d ago

100% agree. I've clocked 30 hours already and barely scratched the surface. I'm doing a campaign with the Oda clan. It took me 4 startups to get where I am now because I kept getting eliminated because I ignored the diplomacy.

starchild2558d ago

I barely got it, but so far I am extremely impressed.