Most Anticipated FPS Games for 2011

Here are the hottest FPS Games for 2011. Leave yours in the comments!

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Dart892827d ago

Epic pix xDDD..but yea i'm excited for bfbc3.

Tachyon_Nova2827d ago

It isn't Bad Company 3, its Battlefield 3. Nothing to do with Bad Company at all.

cyguration2827d ago

Ha, that picture is hilarious.

Robearboy2827d ago

As much as I love the FPS genre, it seems to me that they are all 8 hrs long, all pretty generic, you always play some bad ass grunt either is space or in a war and the ending ALWAYS disapoints. We need to have more innovation, or the genre will die.

For me, 3 of the best FPS games this Gen were Bioshock, Prey and The Darkness, all of which bought something different to the table

DelbertGrady2827d ago

If you're not into online multiplayer there's not much fun to be had with many of the war themed FPS games coming out. You should check out Deus Ex though. Seems to be a game that I think you'd like.

Since I usually find the online to be the most fun I tend to look at the SP campaigns more like a bonus featured.

I'm addicted to Homefront at the moment and very much looking forward to Brink, Rage and Battlefield 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.