The Poetry of Kong: Lost on Duty

Moving forward, developers should look for ways to combine the precisely tuned gameplay of games like Donkey Kong Country Returns with the presentation and story of games like Black Ops. It is here that we can feel out the future of gaming. We lost something, though, in that mad chase of sales numbers, and as a result we receive shallow set-piece-crawl videogames. In these, we are reminded of what we lost, what made us all love games in the first place: poetry.

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eagle212703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I love this article. I agree, I want my gameplay to be "poetic" with rhythm, depth and challenge. DKCR is awesome..a real game. I put about 50 hours into DKCR getting 100% and taking my precious time replaying levels. That is value. I'm so glad DKCR was a huge hit with gamers. Keep the award winning gameplay coming Nintendo. :)

Some developers need to remember what made them want to be a developer in the first place.

italianbreadman2703d ago

Yeah, I think the author nailed it when he was describing the flow of play and the integration of spectacle into the play mechanics themselves, as opposed to a rigid collection of set pieces and uneven play. This "poetry" is the core of good pacing

amlabella2702d ago

Interesting article. I would definitely be in favor of a better balance between the gameplay of DKC Returns and the presentation of a game like Black Ops. It seems like CoD is moving towards all flash and little substance.