Portal 2 pre-order deals

All the best deals on Portal 2. Don't pay full price. Stay tuned to this page for more pre-order deals on Portal 2 as we find them.

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fnjimmy2592d ago

Stolen! Now it's time for me to order mine.

Brash_Attack2592d ago

From AmazonGames Twitter:
"We're working on getting the PS3 version back up for you. Apologies to all of you who have tried pre-ordering. Stay tuned..."

sickbird2592d ago

$20 bucks, nice. Gonna pre order the ps3 version.

cochise3132592d ago

This is why I love Amazon. They will bury gamestop in due time.

guitarded772592d ago

Yep... these $20 game credits and 99 cent release day delivery keep me coming back every time. I don't even have to worry about going to the store, it's at my home when I get off work.

cochise3132592d ago

Exactly. I just ordered crysis to with 10 dollars back and it will be there when i get home tomorrow. Amazon is the best.

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